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Hindu Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aadarsh One who has principles Boy Hindi
Aadesh Command, Message Boy Hindi
Aadhira Moon Girl Hindi
Aadhishankar Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy Boy Hindi
Aadit Peak Boy Hindi
Aagman Arrival Boy Hindi
Aagney Born from fire Boy Hindi
Aahva Beloved Boy Hindi
Aakarshan Attraction Boy Hindi
Aaloka Cry Of Victory Girl Hindi
Aashi Smile Girl Hindi
Aashirya From The Land Of God Girl Hindi
Aayushi One With Long Life Girl Indian
Abha Lustrous Beauty Girl Hindi
Abhay Fearless,A Son Of Dharma Boy Hindi
Abhaya Fearless Girl Indian
Abhi Fearless Boy Hindi
Abhijat Noble, Wise, Total Victory Boy Hindi
Abhijit One Who Is Victorious, A Star Boy Hindi
Abhik Beloved Boy Hindi
Abhilash Wish / Desire Boy Hindi
Abhilasha Ambition, Desire Girl Hindi
Abhinandan Congratulation Boy Hindi
Abhinav Quite New Boy Hindi
Abhinivesh Desire Boy Hindi
Abhiram Lovely; Pleasing Boy Hindi
Abhiroop Handsome Boy Hindi
Abhirut Boy Hindi
Abhisar Companion Boy Hindi
Abhishek Shower Of Milk / Water Over An Idol Boy Hindi
Abhitha Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Girl Indian
Abhyas Boy Hindi
Abirami Godessname;Godess Lakshmi Girl Indian
Aboli A Flower Girl Indian
Achal Stable/ Soul Boy Hindi
Achala Constant Girl Hindi
Achalraj Himalayan Mountain Boy Hindi
Achintya Beyond Comprehension Boy Hindi
Achyuta Indestructible, One Who Is Firm Boy Hindi
Adamya Boy Hindi
Adarsh Ideal Boy Hindi
Adeep Light Boy Hindi
Adhika More, Extra Girl Hindi
Adhira Lightning Girl Hindi
Adhita Scholar Girl Hindi
Aditi The Earth Girl Hindi
Aditi Mother Of Gods Girl Indian
Aditya Sun Boy Hindi
Adrika Celestial Girl Hindi
Adrut Boy Hindi
Advait Unique Boy Hindi
Advik Unique Boy Hindi
Agastya A Saint In Hindu Mythology Boy Hindi
Agendra Himalayan Mountain Boy Hindi
Aghosh Quiet, Soundless Boy Hindi
Agneya Son Of Agni Boy Hindi
Agnivesh Dhronacharya's Guru Boy Hindi
Agraj Leader, Senior Boy Hindi
Agrim Always Ahead Boy Hindi
Ahalya Wife Of Rishi Gautam Girl Hindi
Ahan Dawn Boy Hindi
Aisha Alvie & Well Girl Hindi
Aishani Goddess Durga Girl Hindi
Aishwarya Wealth Girl Hindi
Ajalaa Earth Girl Hindi
Ajanta A Famous Buddist Cave Girl Hindi
Ajar One Who Is Not Old Boy Hindi
Ajatashatru Without Enemies Boy Hindi
Ajatashatru A Name Of Vishnu Boy Hindi
Ajay Unconquerable, Invincible Boy Hindi
Ajit Unconquerable Boy Hindi
Ajitabh One Who Has Conquered The Sky Boy Hindi
Ajkhyat Famous Boy Hindi
Ajmil A Mythological King Boy Hindi
Akaash Sky Boy Hindi
Akarsh Attractive Boy Hindi
Akhila Total Girl Hindi
Akhilesh Lord Of The Universe Boy Hindi
Akriti Diagram Girl Hindi
Aksat Boy Hindi
Akshan Eye Boy Hindi
Akshat Uninjurable, One Who Cannot Be Harmed Boy Hindi
Akshat Rice Used In Worship Boy Hindi
Akshay Indestructible, Immortal Boy Hindi
Akshit Permanent Boy Hindi
Akshita Seen Girl Hindi
Akshobhya Lord Vishnu Boy Hindi
Akuti Princess Girl Hindi
Akyhielan King Boy Hindi
Alaap Musical Notes In A Order Boy Hindi
Alankar Gold; Ornament Boy Hindi
Alisha Protected By God Girl Hindi
Alka A Girl With A Lovely Hair Girl Hindi
Alok Cry Of Victory, Invisible Boy Hindi
Alpana A Decorative Design Girl Hindi
Amaan Aman Boy Hindi
Amal Bright, Clean, Pure Boy Hindi
Amanuday Peace Rising Boy Hindi
Amar Forever, Immortal Boy Hindi
Amara Immortal Boy Hindi

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