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Greek Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abacus calculating Boy Greek
Achilles without lips, brown, dark Boy Greek
Adelphos brother Boy Greek
Admes son of Adam Boy Greek
Adrastos undaunted Boy Greek
Aeneas worthy of praise Boy Greek
Aetos eagle Boy Greek
Agape love of the next Boy Greek
Agatone good, kind Boy Greek
Ajax eagle Boy Greek
Alex protector of mankind (from the name Alexander) Boy Greek
Alexa protector of mankind Girl Greek
Alexander protector of mankind Boy Greek
Alexandra helper of mankind Girl Greek
Alexandria defender of mankind Girl Greek
Alysa princess Girl Greek
Alyssa logical Girl Greek
Amaryllis fresh, sparkling Girl Greek
Anastasia resurrection Girl Greek
Andreas strong and manly Boy Greek
Andreus son of river Peneius Boy Greek
Andy manly (short for the name Andrew) Boy Greek
Angela heavenly messenger Girl Greek
Angelo heavenly messenger Boy Greek
Anneliese consecrated and gracious Girl Greek
Apollo manly beauty Boy Greek
Ares God of war Boy Greek
Argus bright, watchful Boy Greek
Arianna holy Girl Greek
Athan immortal Boy Greek
Calandra lark Girl Greek
Calista most beautiful Girl Greek
Calliope beautiful voice Girl Greek
Calypso one who conceals Girl Greek
Candice Girl Greek
Canis Dog Boy Greek
Cassandra prophet of doom Girl Greek
Cassia champion Girl Greek
Catherine pure Girl Greek
Charis charity Girl Greek
Charissa grace Girl Greek
Christian anointed, follows Christ Boy Greek
Cressida gold Girl Greek
Cynthia moon, Greek god Girl Greek
Cyrene name of a mythological nymph Girl Greek
Daimon variant of Damon; gentle, to tame Boy Greek
Damen taming Boy Greek
Damian tamer, divine power, fate Boy Greek
Daphne laurel, bay tree, victory Girl Greek
Darin gift Boy Greek
Dasha gift of God Girl Greek
Deacon servant, messenger Boy Greek
Delia visible from Delos Girl Greek
Dennis of dionysus Boy Greek
Dimitri love of the earth Boy Greek
Dion short for Dionysus Boy Greek
Dora gift Girl Greek
Echo a nymph, repeated voice Girl Greek
Eileen Girl Greek
Eleanor light, mercy Girl Greek
Electra bright, the shining one Girl Greek
Eleni light or torch Girl Greek
Elodie marshy, white blossom Girl Greek
Eryx son of Aphrodite and Poseidon Boy Greek
Eunice victorious Girl Greek
Evangeline like an angel Girl Greek
George farmer, to work the earth Boy Greek
Georgia farmer, to work the earth, feminine of George Girl Greek
Giles bearer of shield Boy Greek
Griffin mythological beast Boy Greek
Hallie thinking of the sea Girl Greek
Io Girl Greek
Iona flower name, purple jewel Girl Greek
Irene peace Girl Greek
Iris rainbow, a play of colors Girl Greek
Isadora gift of the moon Girl Greek
Jove God Boy Greek
Kaia earth Girl Greek
Kara pure Girl Greek
Karissa love, grace Girl Greek
Kate pure Girl Greek
Katherine pure Girl Greek
Koren maiden Girl Greek
Lenanya Goddess of imagination Girl Greek
Lydia woman from Persia, beauty Girl Greek
Lykaios wolfish, of a wolf, wolf-like Boy Greek
Lyric player of the lyre Girl Greek
Madge a pearl Girl Greek
Maggie a pearl Girl Greek
Myles inventor of the corn mill Boy Greek
Nicholas victorious people Boy Greek
Nicolette people's victory Girl Greek
Persephone goddess of the underworld Girl Greek
Phoebe bright one Girl Greek
Phoenix mystical bird, purple Boy Greek
Sandra helper of mankind Girl Greek
Selena Girl Greek
Selene the moon Girl Greek
Stefania crown Girl Greek
Stephen crown Boy Greek