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Arabic Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abdel servant Boy Arabic
Abdul servant of Boy Arabic
Abu father of Boy Arabic
Aisha life Girl Arabic
Aladdin nobility of faith Boy Arabic
Aleser lion Boy Arabic
Alim wise, learned Boy Arabic
Almira princess Girl Arabic
Amber yellow-brown, precious jewel Girl Arabic
Ameerah princess Girl Arabic
Amena honest woman Girl Arabic
Amir prince Boy Arabic
Anisa friendly Girl Arabic
Ayan god gift Boy Arabic
Azalea democracy Girl Arabic
Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms Girl Arabic
Azin Accessories (Usually Jewelry) Girl Arabic
Azita Name Of An Iranian Princess Girl Arabic
Azlaan Boy Arabic
Azza Young Female Gazelle Girl Arabic
Azzah Young, Female Gazelle Girl Arabic
Baasima Smiling Girl Arabic
Badia Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique Girl Arabic
Badi'a Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique Girl Arabic
Badra Full Moon Girl Arabic
Badriya Resembling Full Moon Girl Arabic
Bilal first convert of Muhammad Boy Arabic
Cala castle Girl Arabic
Emir charming prince Boy Arabic
Gamal camel Boy Arabic
haaziq intelligent Boy Arabic
Habib beloved one Boy Arabic
Hadi guiding to the light Boy Arabic
Iman faith, belief Girl Arabic
Jazlyn variant of Jasmine Girl Arabic
Kadin friend, companion Boy Arabic
Kalila beloved Girl Arabic
Kamil perfection Boy Arabic
Kaylen beloved, sweetheart Boy Arabic
Khoury priest Boy Arabic
Laith lion Boy Arabic
Leila dark as the night Girl Arabic
Lila night Girl Arabic
Malik master Boy Arabic
Muhammad praised one Boy Arabic
Nuri fire Boy Arabic
Qadim ancient Boy Arabic
Qadir powerful Boy Arabic
Qamar moon Boy Arabic
Qasim divider Boy Arabic
Rami one with good aim, sniper Boy Arabic
Rehan flower Boy Arabic
Samien to be heard Boy Arabic
Samirah entertaining companion Girl Arabic
Sammon grocer Boy Arabic
Seif sword of religion Boy Arabic
Selima peace Girl Arabic
Shakar grateful Boy Arabic
Shakira grateful Girl Arabic
Sharif Boy Arabic
Tariq star, path Boy Arabic
Waseem Boy Arabic
Zakariyya prophet Boy Arabic
Zaria rose Girl Arabic
Zeke the memory of the lord Boy Arabic

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