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French Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aleron knight armor Boy French
Algernon mustachioed Boy French
Alonso having whiskers (from the name Algernon) Boy French
Amelie hard working Girl French
Andre manly, courageous Boy French
Angelique angelic Girl French
Annette gracious, variant of Anne Girl French
Ariane holy Girl French
Astin strong leader, trustworthy Boy French
Aubree blonde ruler Girl French
Audra from the name Audrey Girl French
Audric old and wise rule Boy French
Avril April Girl French
Babette stranger, lovely Girl French
Bailey bailiff, fortification, able Boy French
Barry spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman Boy French
Beau handsome, beautiful Boy French
Bebe baby Girl French
Bella beautiful Girl French
Belle beautiful Girl French
Bleu blue color Girl French
Boyce woodland Boy French
Briar Heather Girl French
Bridgette Girl French
Brielle exalted goddess Girl French
Bruce thicket, woodlands Boy French
Cable rope Boy French
Carel strong Boy French
Caresse beloved Girl French
Carrie song of joy Girl French
Case chest Boy French
Chandler candle maker Boy French
Charlotte petite and feminine Girl French
Chase hunter Boy French
Corbin raven, black hair Boy French
Crescent one who creates Girl French
Damien untamed Boy French
Dashiell page boy Boy French
Demi half, small Girl French
Destry war horse Girl French
Elise form of Elizabeth Girl French
Elle woman, girl Girl French
Eloise intelligent, smart Girl French
Frank free Boy French
Fred peaceful ruler, short for Frederick Boy French
Freddie peaceful ruler, short for Frederick Boy French
Gay merry Boy French
Genevieve white wave Girl French
Guy guide; wood or wide Boy French
Javier January, enlightened Boy French
Jeannette god is gracious Girl French
Jean-Pierre Boy French
Jolie pretty, merry Girl French
Lacy place name Girl French
Leroy the king Boy French
Linus flaxen-haired Boy French
Lionel young lion Boy French
Lyle island Boy French
Marie form of Mary Girl French
Marshall keeper of the horses; steward Boy French
Mason stoneworker Boy French
Michelle feminine of Michael Girl French
Noelle born on Christmas Girl French
Odette happy home Girl French
Pascal born at Easter Boy French
Porter gatekeeper, carrier Boy French
Ruby red gem Girl French
Rush red-haired Boy French
Russell red Boy French
Shannelle channel Girl French
Shantelle Girl French
Sydney from city of St. Denis Girl French
Tempest storm Girl French
Travis crossing Boy French