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Names Starting With ( A )

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant Boy
Baasim Smiling Boy
Babala Above Boy Hindi
Babar Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic Boy
Baber Courageous, Lion Boy
Babul Hindu Boy Boy Hindi
Badri prasad Gift Of Badri Boy Hindi
Badrinath Lord Of Mount Badri, Vishnu Boy Hindi
Bailey bailiff, fortification, able Boy French
Baker comes from the names Baxter, Baxley Boy Irish
Balaaditya Rising Sun Boy Hindi
Balachandra Young Moon Boy Hindi
Balaji Name Of Lord Vishnu Boy Hindi
Balakrishna Young Lord Krishna Boy Hindi
Balamani Young Jewel Boy Hindi
Balamohan One Who Is Good Looking, Attractive Boy Hindi
Balashankar Young Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Balavan Powerful Boy Hindi
Baldev Godlike In Power, Balram Boy Hindi
Baldwin bold friend Boy German
Balendu Young Moon Boy Hindi
Bali Mighty Warrior Boy Hindi
Balraj Mighty, Powerful Boy Hindi
Balram Lord Krishna's Brother Boy Hindi
Balveer Powerful ( Balbeer ) Boy Hindi
Balwan Strong Person Boy Hindi
Baneet Polite Boy Hindi
Bankim Hindu Boy Boy Hindi
Bankimchandra Half Moon Boy Hindi
Bannon white Boy Irish
Bansi Flute Boy Hindi
Bansilal Lord Krishna Boy Hindi
Baqar Inevitable, lion, powerful Boy
Baqir Beloved one, Close to heart Boy
Barak Thunder Boy Biblical
Barindra Ocean Boy Hindi
Barkat Growth Boy
Barnett noble man Boy English
Baron noble man Boy English
Barr Just, Pious Boy
Barraq Shining Boy
Barry spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman Boy French
Bart Son Of Tolmai Boy Biblical
Barth Son Of Tolmai Boy Biblical
Baruch Blessed Boy Biblical
Basant Season Of Spring Boy Hindi
Basdev Fire Boy Hindi
Basel Brave Boy
Basem Smiling Boy
Bashaar Bringer of glad tidings Boy
Bashar Bringer of glad tidings Boy
Basharat Good news Boy
Basil Brave Boy
Basim Smiling, Happy Boy
Basir Bringer of glad tidings Boy
Bassam Smiling Boy
Batal Champion Boy
Baxter baker Boy English
Bazaan The old emperor of Yaman Boy
Bazam It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih Boy
Beau handsome, beautiful Boy French
Beck brook Boy Swedish
Beckett Boy Irish
Behzad Honest and caring Boy
Ben Son Of Boy Biblical
Benjy Son Of My Right Hand Boy Biblical
Bennett Boy English
Benny Son Of My Right Hand Boy Biblical
Benson Son Of Benjamin Boy Biblical
Bentley from the moor Boy English
Bently lovely name Boy English
Bernard bold as a bear Boy German
Bertram bright Boy German
Beverly meadow of beavers Boy English
Bhadrak Handsome Boy Hindi
Bhadrakapil Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Bhadraksh One With Beautiful Eyes Boy Hindi
Bhadrashree Sandalwood Tree Boy Hindi
Bhadresh Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Bhagat Devotee Boy Hindi
Bhagesh Lord Of Richness Boy Hindi
Bhagirath One Who Brought Ganga On Earth Boy Hindi
Bhagwant God / Bhagwan Boy Hindi
Bhairav One With Frightening Voice, Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Bhamhaghosh Chanting Or Recitation Of Vedas Boy Hindi
Bhamhanand Happiness For Knowledge Boy Hindi
Bhanu Sun Boy Hindi
Bhanudas Devotee Of The Sun Boy Hindi
Bhanumitra Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury Boy Hindi
Bhanuprakash Sun Light Boy Hindi
Bhanuprasad Gift Of Sun Boy Hindi
Bharadwaj A Lucky Bird, Planet Mars Boy Hindi
Bharat India, Universal Monarch Boy Hindi
Bhargav Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Bhartesh King Of Bharat Boy Hindi
Bhaskar Sun Boy Hindi
Bhavesh Lord Of The World, Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Bhavik God's Devotee Boy Hindi
Bhawanidas Devotee Of Godess Durga Boy Hindi
Bhim Fearful Boy Hindi

Muslim Baby Names - Islamic Girls & Boys Names Meaning

UrduWire Baby Names & Meaning – Choosing and giving name to new born birth is always a tedious task as what we name the new born is what often reflects on his nature or character. After a healthy debate among the elders the new born is named. Urdu wire presents baby boys & girls Names with their accurate and literal meaning along with the origin of word. People now online can find the meanings of their names also can choose the new baby name (boy and girl) for their beloveds new born. The urdu wire Muslim baby name section features names of various faiths and religions. Urdu Wire has in store a diverse Muslim bany names (Islamic baby names), Hindu, Christian, Sikh and etc baby names with their meaning listed infront. The baby boys and girls names are more categorized as per ethnicity for making it easier to pick up a name for your ethnic group.

Name is the first identity of a mankind, finding a right name is one of the first things happened in human lives, there are thousands of different names across the world which depends on the religions and regions. Different believers and origins across the word choose different name for them. This is divided into boys and girls names. provides vast variety of names with meaning by origins like Muslim names, Arabic names, African, American, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Dutch, Irish, German, Italian, Biblical, Pakistani, Russian, Persian, Turkish, French, Greek, Spanish and more along with the last names in 2015.