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The meaning of the name Aafreeda is Created, Produced

The origin of the name Aafreeda is Arabic

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Aafreeda Comments

aafreeda is a distinctive and a very precious name as it sounds beautiful and is un common too.

Mon 14 Mar, 2016 aafreeda, bahawalpur

I think that I have read this name Aafreeda for the first time at Also there is a list of Muslim and Arabic names

Thu 08 May, 2014 Ali, Lahore

Some one tell me poonam is a muslim name or non muslim because i listen this name in indian movies and my teacher name is also poonam. My teacher is purely muslim.

Fri 18 Apr, 2014 nudrat, karachi

Aafreeda is looking like afridi. Its a beautiful unique name with beautiful meaning. Its mean CREATED, but created is only GOD.

Sat 22 Feb, 2014 noorain, lahore