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The meaning of the name Aliza is The Daughter of Ali (RA)

The origin of the name Aliza is

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Aliza Comments

aliza means honest and joyful its true ?

Mon 20 Feb, 2017 aliza , peshawar

i am so sweet

Sat 28 Jan, 2017 aliza nisar, karachi

i like this name very much because my mother and my father has suggested this name

Tue 10 Jan, 2017 aliza, indore

i miss my wifey alizah she is true to her name the cutest kiddo :) come back soon idiot.

Fri 02 Dec, 2016 ravz, alizah''''s heart

my name in aliza i don''''t now the meaning of aliza please sent me the meaning

Fri 07 Oct, 2016 alizafaiz, karachi

my daughter name aliza. i did not find the meaning kindly send me the meaning of aliza

Wed 28 Sep, 2016 aliza, kpk peshawat

aliza name full meaning in urdu .

Thu 15 Sep, 2016 md irfan khan, hyderabad

my daughter name is aliza arshad. i am very happy to my daughter name aliza.

Wed 03 Aug, 2016 talatarshad, lahore

I am so happy fro my beautiful doughier and his name is aliza i m very thanx full to Allah subhana wata Allah to give me a such a beautiful cute little princess muwahhh

Mon 01 Aug, 2016 inam ullah, peshawar

i am very lucky my lover i mean my girlfriend name is aliza and she so pretty cute lovelyand beautiful thanks god for my love🌷🌷🌷

Sun 03 Jul, 2016 muhammad hunzala, karachi

nyc name g uys

Sun 26 Jun, 2016 aliza, attock

great name and i love this name

Thu 09 Jun, 2016 mohammad faisal, hafizabaf


Fri 03 Jun, 2016 aliza, karachi

hi its me atif from lhr its my dream to be merry the girl whoes name is zobia so if u want a loyal and cute partner contect me, just text me coz i am in saudi arabia will contect bymyself insha Allah main bestest partner banoga and i am a engineer by profesion in progeer engineering.

Thu 26 May, 2016 atif rashid, lahore

aliza about all instruction

Sat 07 May, 2016 aliza, faislabad

i am aliza memon

Wed 20 Apr, 2016 aliza, thatta

great names and their meanings r nice

Tue 19 Apr, 2016 ikram, gujranwala

i am so happy that my nephew is aliza.

Sat 02 Apr, 2016 shahid rasheed, daska sialkot


Thu 24 Mar, 2016 aliiza, hyderabad

i love this name very.......... muchhhhhhhhhhh

Fri 26 Feb, 2016 aleena, sialkot

i am so happy that my parents give me this amazing name

Thu 25 Feb, 2016 aliza, karachi

my name is aliza aes school

Mon 22 Feb, 2016 aliza, karachi

aliza meaning in urdu

Mon 08 Feb, 2016 riyajuddin, sikar

iam aliza iam proud of my name i love this name

Sat 06 Feb, 2016 aliza, hyderabad

i like this

Wed 27 Jan, 2016 aliza, saar

i am very happy my name aliza i am proud of my name and i love my name aliza

Thu 21 Jan, 2016 aliza manzoor of class 6, s.d.q

i like my name

Sun 13 Dec, 2015 aliza, lohore

very nice

Sat 05 Dec, 2015 shanzaykhan, napervillage

very nice shanzay name

Sat 05 Dec, 2015 shanzaykhan, napervillage

i am very happy my name is aliza.i am proud of my name.

Fri 20 Nov, 2015 aliza arshad, gujrat

i am happy my name is aliza

Tue 20 Oct, 2015 aliza, dina


Thu 15 Oct, 2015 esha maqsood, lahore

aliza is a sweet name come from hazrat ali( ra)the daughter aasia zaki from patna city india

Sat 03 Oct, 2015 zaki ahmad, patnacity

my name is aliza it proves lucky for me.

Tue 22 Sep, 2015 aliza ali, islamabad

i also love thiss name aliza kaushar

Mon 21 Sep, 2015 aliza kaushar, kathmandu

love the name background (pakistani karachi)

Mon 21 Sep, 2015 aliza, canada

i love this name aliza

Wed 09 Sep, 2015 aliza, karachi

i love this name

Sun 30 Aug, 2015 mohammad ali, parachina

i ed this name for my new born baby :*

Wed 12 Aug, 2015 sajid, dubai

i just love my name

Fri 31 Jul, 2015 aliza iqbal, hyd

well i''''m certainly happy for the meaning of my name *.*

Sun 26 Jul, 2015 aliza , karachi

aliza is the name of my daughter...and it means joy great happiness joyful..and aliza was the daughter of hazrat ali (r.a)....

Wed 22 Jul, 2015 malak shoaib tareen, quetta.pishin

am shoo happy that my name is aliza

Sat 04 Jul, 2015 aliza, karachi

aliza is the best name of my sweet daughter of brother.............

Wed 24 Jun, 2015 aliza, killa saifullah

aliza is a best name

Wed 10 Jun, 2015 aamir, mps


Fri 20 Mar, 2015 maha alayna, pakistan

very nice name aliza because my gf name is aliza its a very cute name

Thu 19 Mar, 2015 rahil almans, kota rajasthan

Very nice Islamic name.

Wed 18 Mar, 2015 sehrish fatima, multan

I just love my name beautiful name Aliza.

Wed 18 Mar, 2015 aliza mirza, ghaziabad

i just love my name "aliza" :-* :-* bcoz it has a very good meaning "joy happiness faithful honest"

Sat 14 Mar, 2015 aliza, lahore

what means aliza

Tue 10 Mar, 2015 kausar ail, peshear

aliza name is vry good name. i like this name so much.......its... a vry cute name becoz its my name ...........its meaning also good ....

Tue 10 Mar, 2015 aliza s.k, pune

It is to good Baby girl name Aliza.

Mon 02 Mar, 2015 emaan, karachi

my daughter name is aliza and i love vry much .so cute name

Tue 03 Feb, 2015 aliza hateeb, kashmir

I love my name. I am proud of my name. I am in class one.

Wed 28 Jan, 2015 aliza lodhi , karachi

I love and proud the meaning of my name.

Sun 11 Jan, 2015 aliza, lahore

My name Aliza is best name, I am proud to be this name Aliza and like the meaning.

Fri 02 Jan, 2015 aliza, karachi

My wife''''s name is Aliza and I love her name Aliza, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me :)

Wed 31 Dec, 2014 ravz, india

Allah is the best listener, Aliza is very good Muslim Name love this name.

Thu 04 Dec, 2014 aliza , mmultan

My name is aliza. I am proud of my name Urdu meaning.

Sat 29 Nov, 2014 aliza fatima, i am in america

my name is aliza.ilove my name beacuse my father choose this name for me

Sat 22 Nov, 2014 aliza bashir, shahdra

i like my name

Mon 03 Nov, 2014 fatima, lahore

my name is aliza i like this name bcoz everybody like this.

Wed 22 Oct, 2014 aliza, karachi

My nam3 is aliza and i love my nam3...

Thu 07 Aug, 2014 Aliza, Karachi

i like name aliza bcz my father choose this name for me

Sat 19 Jul, 2014 aliza, lahore

my name is aliza i love it muaaah

Sun 27 Apr, 2014 aliza, sargodha

my name is alizah as well and in my class everybody calls me princess alizah. I don't know why. but in school I am popular. thanks.

Sun 20 Apr, 2014 alizah umar, lahore

my name is alizay it is also so good name

Mon 03 Mar, 2014 alizay, Lahore

how can find new names detail category of Pakistan.

Wed 26 Feb, 2014 sabhee, lahore

my name of aliza it class 3

Fri 21 Feb, 2014 aliza, liquat pur