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The meaning of the name Laiba is Angel of heaven.

The origin of the name Laiba is

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Laiba Comments

laiba is the very beautiful name laiba meaning angel of heaven my name is laiba i like my name very much i proud of my namei am the angle of heaaven all people respect my name

Mon 29 Aug, 2016 laiba, lahore

this is my name i don''''t like

Tue 24 May, 2016 laiba, gujrat

i love my name because it is very nice

Mon 23 May, 2016 laiba, faisalabad

my name malik qadeer

Thu 19 May, 2016 malik qadeer, multan

i am proud to be a angle of heaven

Sun 08 May, 2016 laiba, gojra


Sun 08 May, 2016 laibatariq, gojra

i love my name layba because it''''s nice and i am a angel

Fri 25 Mar, 2016 layba idris, london

i just love my namei am thankful to my parents who kept this name of means the most beautiful angel of heaven. wow.i am really proud being meyay!!!

Fri 25 Mar, 2016 laiba ayyaz, lahore pakistan

best website ever

Sun 20 Mar, 2016 laiba, sialkot

my name is laiba an im very lucky becz i m angel and i am very thank ful to Allah ..[thank you Allah]

Sun 24 Jan, 2016 laiba, karacha

i love my name so much i lucky

Sun 29 Nov, 2015 laiba rafiqe, lahoore

she is angle

Fri 27 Nov, 2015 ariba urooj, karachi

i m very lucky my name is laiba laboo karachi and thank full my parents

Thu 26 Nov, 2015 laiba laboo, karachi

i love my name

Sun 08 Nov, 2015 laiba manzoor, muzaffarabad

very very beautiful name

Thu 15 Oct, 2015 sidra akram, chichawatni

i justlove laiba name because it is beautiful name in the world

Wed 07 Oct, 2015 aman, baddomalhi

i am very lucky bacause my name have good meaning

Thu 06 Aug, 2015 laiba shahab , karachi

i just love my namei am thankful to my parents who kept this name of means the most beautiful angel of heaven. wow.i am really proud being meyay!!!

Sun 12 Jul, 2015 laiba wahab, lahore

its to nice

Fri 10 Jul, 2015 laiba, mardan

i love my self because i ame angle of heaven

Sat 20 Jun, 2015 laiba shafiq, rawalpindi

i am an angel of heaven i really really love my name laiba khan

Fri 05 Jun, 2015 laiba, pakistan

very very thanks u

Sat 30 May, 2015 laiba, islamabad

i am angel of heaven.i love my name

Sat 30 May, 2015 rao laiba arslan, isl


Wed 20 May, 2015 ayesha, kamalia

i love my name

Fri 01 May, 2015 laiba arslan, rwp

i love laiba

Thu 30 Apr, 2015 laiba , mansehra

I love my name laiba doll hmmmmmm special name ahhhhh

Mon 27 Apr, 2015 laiba, sialkot

i love my name laiba

Tue 14 Apr, 2015 laiba butt, narrowal

I am a intelligent baby girl.

Sat 28 Mar, 2015 laiba shahzad, karachi

some body really love you just you think about him possitive.

Mon 16 Mar, 2015 laiba khan, ssalempur

i''''m beautiful and my name is beautiful :) )

Sun 15 Feb, 2015 laiba sohail , pakistan

i am a good girl

Sat 14 Feb, 2015 laiba, daska

What is the Urdu meaning of Muslim & Islamic names Laiba, I want to know Laiba meaning in Urdu.

Sun 30 Nov, 2014 shiza khan, rawalpindi

My name is Laiba and I am the most beautiful girl, as my name Laiba Islami name Urdu meaning.

Wed 19 Nov, 2014 laiba fayaz, gujrat

i hope everyone like the name laiba it is such a beautiful name

Sun 05 Oct, 2014 laiba rizwan, islamabad

i m very luky becoz my name have good meaning

Sun 10 Aug, 2014 laiba, bahawal pur

Laiba is a very beautiful Muslim and Arabic name. There are many names given at the website in the lists at

Wed 14 May, 2014 Atif, Lahore

Excellent name Islamic Laiba and very good meaning of name Laiba

Fri 25 Apr, 2014 Liaba, Sargodha

Laiba is very beauty full Muslim name, I like name Laiba and good meaning of name Laiba

Fri 18 Apr, 2014 Laiba, sailkot

i am very lucky i am a angel of heaven

Sun 13 Apr, 2014 laiba zahoor, abbottabad