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The meaning of the name Nimra is Soft, Lion.

The origin of the name Nimra is

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Nimra Comments

hi...i jst love alottttttttttt my name....its so sweet in speaking as it is. my name was put by my mama. its such name girls are very intelligent able n beautiful

Thu 01 Dec, 2016 nimra ch., kasur

its my name i like it so much because my name was put by my grand mother and its meaning us also so nice note: nimra name has a good abilities and good effects

Sat 01 Oct, 2016 nimra, kakshaal

i love my name.... nimra is the awesome name...

Sat 03 Sep, 2016 nimra khan, lahore

nice search...

Fri 26 Aug, 2016 nimra , city ...

i love this name v much... i cant tell how much i love this name... thanks for the meaning...

Fri 10 Jun, 2016 xaifullah, lahore

i love this name coz............

Thu 02 Jun, 2016 umair, kabirwala

assalam o alaikum.....! nimra my lover name soo this is very nice name all girls whoes name nimra may live long. khuda hafiz to all

Tue 12 Apr, 2016 ali raza, jhang sadar punjab pakistan

i am very happy to know the meaning of my name and it is exactly true

Mon 28 Mar, 2016 nimra nazeer, lahore

nimra is very glamrous name

Thu 25 Feb, 2016 nimra, multan

my name meaning realy fits on me am happy very much to know this :)

Wed 24 Feb, 2016 nimra zahir, faisalabad


Sun 14 Feb, 2016 tahir khan, karachi

i am very happy that my name is nimra iam proud of myself

Fri 05 Feb, 2016 nimra , gujranwala

thatz good name

Sat 23 Jan, 2016 sufyan, karachi

hi nimra nice name.i love this name

Fri 01 Jan, 2016 noman, multan

i love my name very much...

Tue 29 Dec, 2015 nimra ansari, mumbai

my name is very beautyful because name is masjid masjid nimra

Thu 22 Oct, 2015 nimra naeem, karachi

my name is nimra i realy love my name

Sun 23 Aug, 2015 nimra, gujrat

idont like my name beause i dont no my name and then i see my name in google when i love my name.thank you.

Sun 16 Aug, 2015 nimra, jeddah saudi arabs

its nice girls

Tue 28 Apr, 2015 nimra, muzaffargarh

Very very nice name Nimra, I also love my name meaning.

Sun 15 Mar, 2015 nimra khazada, karachi

my name is very beautiful

Sun 08 Mar, 2015 nimra, gujranwala

I love my name Nimra very much........ ooooo

Sat 28 Feb, 2015 nimra ashfaq, gujrat

My name is Nimra and I feel I am a lucky person because I also love that name and every body this name is meaning (soft lieon)

Tue 20 Jan, 2015 nimra, karahi

i lov my name but i cant understand mean of my name and i have one nick name nimi

Sat 06 Dec, 2014 nimra imran, mandi

Nimra name is very nice name. I love my good name, but some times I am confused because I cant understand the mean of Nimra and I have many nick names.

Wed 12 Nov, 2014 nimra abbas, sahiwal

this name is very very lucky for every people

Mon 10 Nov, 2014 nimra, karachi

i am very lucky thats my name nimra i love my name

Wed 23 Jul, 2014 nimra, skp

i love my name and i really empress i know my name meaning

Thu 17 Jul, 2014 nimra, khairpur

i am nimra ,live in islamabad i love my name but i can,t undrstnd mean of my name

Tue 13 May, 2014 nimra, islamabad

what does means of nimra

Tue 13 May, 2014, islamabad