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The meaning of the name Aaminah is Secured, Safe

The origin of the name Aaminah is

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Aaminah Comments

if we change the spelling of the name aminaamnaaaminah . will it be change the meaning as well ? well i am seeing nowadays people are spoiling their name they are replacing their good names with nick names. i think we should call people with their original names.

Wed 08 Feb, 2017 amina, hyderabad

some people pronounce the name aminah like amna. so this spelling of name will also change the meaning. there are very different types of spelling of one single name like here. i write my name amna but when i was searching for the meaning of my name then i saw the spelling aminah here on so which will be correct?? i think the meaning will remain same because it it arabic name or word which has meaning secured and safe.

Mon 21 Nov, 2016 amna sheikh, karachi

aaminah is a beautiful name. i found the meaning here that secured and safe. some people write this name like amina while many other people write the spelling of this name like aminah. so which is the correct way to write the name amina?? if we change the spelling will it effect on meaning as well??

Tue 01 Nov, 2016 rabia shahid, lahore

i am feeling pleasured as i am blessed with such a beautiful name containing a wonderful meaning.

Mon 21 Dec, 2015 aaminah, karachi