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The meaning of the name Aaeesha is Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The origin of the name Aaeesha is Arabic

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Aaeesha Comments

aaeesha is a sensational name and have high regards in the eyes of muslims as this name possess religious respect too.

Wed 06 Jan, 2016 aaeesha, islamabad

ayesha is counted amongst the most precious names in the history of our religion as hazrat ayesha who honored to be the wife of our beloved prophet tried her best to guide the companions after the demise of our prophet and i am glad that i have been blessed with this beautiful name.

Thu 12 Nov, 2015 noor, lahore

ayesha was my mother''''s name. it is very good name. how can we spell this name? we can write ayesha or aisha. who is one correct?

Thu 04 Dec, 2014 rizwan, hyderabad