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Abdul Hafeez

The meaning of the name Abdul Hafeez is Slave of the Protector

The origin of the name Abdul Hafeez is Arabic

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Abdul Hafeez Comments

my nana name is abdul hafeez. and he is such a great man with great meaning. the meaning of his name shows his credibility. the meaning of the name abdul hafeez is slave of the protector.

Mon 12 Dec, 2016 hammad, faisalabad

Our hafeez is out from team. PCB has sent him to home, his days are not going well. Hafeez is out from team so Allah hafiz for our team.

Sat 14 Feb, 2015 abdul hafeez, dubai

Abdul Hafeez is a really good name for boys. My name is also Abdul Hafeez, but my friends used to call me only Hafeez. I told them many times that please call my full name because it looks very respectable.

Thu 22 Jan, 2015 abdul hafeez, karachi

Abdul Hafeez is one of the great name and nice meaning of this name.

Wed 12 Mar, 2014 Abdul Hafeez, karachi

Great Name of Abdul Hafeez

Tue 04 Feb, 2014 Saeed, Lahore