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The meaning of the name Aaban is Name of the Angel

The origin of the name Aaban is Arabic

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Aaban Comments

nice name!!! i want to aaban''''s history

Sat 02 Apr, 2016 moniruzzaman, dhaka bangladesh

aaban is amongst name the name of an angel and is a great name as it is very much distinctive.

Mon 07 Mar, 2016 aaban, bahawalpur

aaban name is lower name

Mon 24 Aug, 2015 salmuddin, nuh mewat

i just wana know the meaning of aaban

Thu 19 Feb, 2015 aaban, lahore

i like this name very much

Mon 24 Nov, 2014 shehzad, lahore

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Sat 16 Aug, 2014 Zahid, Lahore

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Sat 16 Aug, 2014 Aasif, Lahore

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Wed 07 May, 2014 Abbas, Lahore

I am so confused between these two names first is "anaya" and other is "inaya". Please some one tell me the differences in both names and also tell me the meaning of this name.

Tue 18 Mar, 2014 mahnoor, karachi

Beautiful Name

Mon 03 Feb, 2014 Ali, Karachi