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Names Starting With ( A )

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Iba Pride, sense Girl
Ibadah Worship Girl
Ibthaj Joy. Girl
Ibtihaaj Joy, delight Girl
Ibtihaj Happiness Girl
Ibtihal Supplication, prayer Girl
Ibtisam Smiling Girl
Idha Insight Girl Hindi
Idhar Fluff Girl
Idika The Earth Girl Hindi
Iditri Complimentary Girl Hindi
Idra Fig Tree Girl Biblical
Idris Fiery Girl Hindi
Iffah Purity, modesty. Girl
Iffat Chaste Girl
Ifra Giving happiness. Girl
Iftikar Thought, contemplation Girl
Iftikhar Pride, glory Girl
Iha Wish Girl Hindi
Ihita Desire Girl Hindi
Ijaya Sacrifice Girl Hindi
Ijaz Inimitability of the Quran Girl
Ijlal Respect, honor Girl
Ikhlas Sincerity Girl
Ikia God Is My Salvation Girl Biblical
Ikraam Honor, hospitality, generosity Girl
Ikram Honour, hospitality, generosity. Girl
Iksha Sight Girl Hindi
Ikshita Visible Girl Hindi
Ikshula Holy River Girl Hindi
Ila Earth, Daughter Of Manu Girl Hindi
Ilana Great Tree Girl Biblical
Ilhaam Intuition Girl
Ilham Intuition, inspiration. Girl
Ilhan Respectfull, nice, precious. Girl
Ilm Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name. Girl
Ilse short for Elizabeth Girl German
Ilyssa Rational Girl Biblical
Iman Faith, belief Girl
Iman faith, belief Girl Arabic
Imani Faith, Belief. Girl
Imthithal Polite obedience Girl
Imtihal Polite, obedience. Girl
Imtithal Polite obedience Girl
Inaam Kindness, benefaction, bestowal Girl
In'am Kindness, benefaction, bestowal. Girl
Inan A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih). Girl
Inas Sociability Girl
Inas Capable; Sociability Girl Hindi
Inaya Concern; solicitude Girl
Inayah Concern. Girl
Inayat Care, concern Girl
Indali Powerful Girl Hindi
Indira Lakshmi Girl Hindi
Indrakshi One With Beautiful Eyes Girl Hindi
Indrani Wife Of Indra Girl Hindi
Indu Moon Girl Hindi
Induja Narmada River Girl Hindi
Induma Moon Girl Hindi
Inika Small Earth Girl Hindi
Insaf Justice, equity Girl
Insha Creation, origination. Girl
Intessar Victory Girl
Intisaar Triumph Girl
Intisar Triumph. Girl
Inu Attractive Girl Hindi
Io Girl Greek
Iona flower name, purple jewel Girl Greek
Ipsita Desire Girl Hindi
Iqra To recite. Girl
Ira Earth;Saraswati Girl Hindi
Iraj Flower. Girl
Iraja Wind'S Daughter Girl Hindi
Iram Garden in heaven. Girl
Irem A Garden in Heaven Girl
Irene peace Girl Greek
Iris rainbow, a play of colors Girl Greek
Isa Spacious, generous Girl
Isabel consecrated to God Girl Spanish
Isad To bring happiness, to provide help Girl
Isadora gift of the moon Girl Greek
Isaf Relief, help Girl
Isar Fascinating Girl
Isha Night Prayer. Girl
Isha Woman Girl Biblical
Isha Goddess Durga; The Female Energy Girl Hindi
Ishana Goddess Durga Girl Hindi
Ishani Goddess Durga Girl Hindi
Ishfaq Compassion, affection Girl
Ishi Goddess Durga Girl Hindi
Ishita Superior Girl Hindi
Ishraq Radiance Girl
Ishya Spring Girl Hindi
Isir Inspiritional, strong. Girl
Isma Safeguarding. Girl
Ismaela God Listens Girl Biblical
Ismah Purity, modesty, infallibility Girl
Ismat Pious. Girl
isobel Girl Irish
Isra Nocturnal journey; night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem Girl

Muslim Baby Names - Islamic Girls & Boys Names Meaning

UrduWire Baby Names & Meaning – Choosing and giving name to new born birth is always a tedious task as what we name the new born is what often reflects on his nature or character. After a healthy debate among the elders the new born is named. Urdu wire presents baby boys & girls Names with their accurate and literal meaning along with the origin of word. People now online can find the meanings of their names also can choose the new baby name (boy and girl) for their beloveds new born. The urdu wire Muslim baby name section features names of various faiths and religions. Urdu Wire has in store a diverse Muslim bany names (Islamic baby names), Hindu, Christian, Sikh and etc baby names with their meaning listed infront. The baby boys and girls names are more categorized as per ethnicity for making it easier to pick up a name for your ethnic group.

Name is the first identity of a mankind, finding a right name is one of the first things happened in human lives, there are thousands of different names across the world which depends on the religions and regions. Different believers and origins across the word choose different name for them. This is divided into boys and girls names. provides vast variety of names with meaning by origins like Muslim names, Arabic names, African, American, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Dutch, Irish, German, Italian, Biblical, Pakistani, Russian, Persian, Turkish, French, Greek, Spanish and more along with the last names in 2015.