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Names Starting With ( A )

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Haadee The guide Boy
Haaris Friend Boy
Haashir Gatherer Boy
Haaziq Intelligent, Skillfull Boy
haaziq intelligent Boy Arabic
Habeebullah Beloved of Allah Boy
Habib Beloved Boy
Habib beloved one Boy Arabic
Habis A narrator of Hadith Boy
Hadee Director, guide Boy
Hadi Guide Boy
Hadi guiding to the light Boy Arabic
Hadid Strong Boy
Hadrian dark one Boy Swedish
Hafid The wise one Boy
Hafiz Protector, guardian Boy
Hafs Lion, Young of Lion Boy
Haider Lion Boy
Haikal Tale Boy
Haitham Eagle Boy
Haji Pilgrim Boy
Hajib Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering Boy
Hajjaj Orbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate Boy
Hakim Brother Boy
Haleef Ally, confederate Boy
Haleem Patient Boy
Halen hall Boy Swedish
Hallaj Cotton ginner Boy
Halwani Confectioner Boy
Ham Hot Boy Biblical
Hamd Praise, lauding Boy
Hamdan The one who lauds, extols Boy
Hamdhy Sympathy, blessing Boy
Hamdi Of praise, commendable Boy
Hameem Friend Boy
Hami Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender Boy
Hamid Praising, Allah, commendable Boy
Hamilton beautiful mountain Boy English
Hammad Praising (Allah) Boy
Hammam A great man, a chief, a hero Boy
Hamood One who praises Allah Boy
Hamza Lion Boy
Hamzah Lion Boy
Hanash A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name Boy
Haneef Upright, true Boy
Hani Delighted, content Boy
Hanif True believer Boy
Hanifah Upright Boy
Hansaraj King Of Swans Boy Hindi
Hanshal Swan Like Boy Hindi
Hansraj King Of Swans Boy Hindi
Hanuman A Devotee Of Lord Ram, Son Of Anjani Boy Hindi
Haq Power Boy
Hardik Hindu Boy Boy Hindi
Haresh Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Hari Lord Vishnu, Monkey Boy Hindi
Haridutt Gift Of Hari Boy Hindi
Harihar Lord Vishu And Lord Shiva Together Boy Hindi
Harilal Son Of Hari Boy Hindi
Harina Deer; Other Name For Lord Vishnu And Siva Boy Hindi
Haris Vigilant guardian Boy
Harisah Guardian, protector Boy
Harish Lord Shiva, King Of Monkeys ( Sugreev ) Boy Hindi
Harishankar Lord Vishnu And Lord Shankar (Shiva) Boy Hindi
Harith Green Colour Boy Hindi
Harith Ploughman, cultivator Boy
Harlan from the army Boy English
Harman Everybody's Beloved Boy Hindi
Harmendra Moon Boy Hindi
Haroon A Prophet's name Boy
Harrison son of Harry Boy English
Harsh Pleasure Boy Hindi
Harsh joy Hindu Boy Boy Hindi
Harsha Delight, Joy Boy Hindi
Harshad One Who Gives Pleasure Boy Hindi
Harshal A Lover Boy Hindi
Harshul Deer Boy Hindi
Harshvardhan One Who Increases Joy, Happiness Boy Hindi
Harsith Smile Boy Hindi
Harteij Radiance Of Lord Boy Hindi
Harvey army warrior Boy English
Hasan Handsome, good Boy
Haseeb Respected, esteemed Boy
Haseen Beautiful, Smart Boy
Hasham Servant Boy
Hashid One who rallies people, crowded, gathered Boy
Hashim Generous (Great grandfather of the Prophet) Boy
Hashir One who assembles Boy
Hashmat Dignity, Glory Boy
Hasib The reckoner Boy
Hasnain Combination of Hassan and Hussain (see Hassan and Hussain for meanings) Boy
Hassan Really beautiful or one who beautifies Boy
Hastin Elephant Boy Hindi
Hatib A wood collector Boy
Hatim Judge Boy
Haven safe place Boy English
Havish Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Hawshab A son of Iama Muslim had this name Boy
Hayaat Life Boy
Hayden the rosy meadow Boy English

Muslim Baby Names - Islamic Girls & Boys Names Meaning

UrduWire Baby Names & Meaning – Choosing and giving name to new born birth is always a tedious task as what we name the new born is what often reflects on his nature or character. After a healthy debate among the elders the new born is named. Urdu wire presents baby boys & girls Names with their accurate and literal meaning along with the origin of word. People now online can find the meanings of their names also can choose the new baby name (boy and girl) for their beloveds new born. The urdu wire Muslim baby name section features names of various faiths and religions. Urdu Wire has in store a diverse Muslim bany names (Islamic baby names), Hindu, Christian, Sikh and etc baby names with their meaning listed infront. The baby boys and girls names are more categorized as per ethnicity for making it easier to pick up a name for your ethnic group.

Name is the first identity of a mankind, finding a right name is one of the first things happened in human lives, there are thousands of different names across the world which depends on the religions and regions. Different believers and origins across the word choose different name for them. This is divided into boys and girls names. provides vast variety of names with meaning by origins like Muslim names, Arabic names, African, American, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Dutch, Irish, German, Italian, Biblical, Pakistani, Russian, Persian, Turkish, French, Greek, Spanish and more along with the last names in 2015.