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Names Starting With ( A )

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Kaamil Perfect, accomplished. Boy
Kaashif Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer. Boy
Kabir Famous Poet Boy Hindi
Kadar Powerful Boy
Kadeen Friend, companion, confidant Boy
Kadeer Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence) Boy
Kadin friend, companion Boy Arabic
Kafeel Responsible, Surety, Sponsor. Boy
Kahil Friend, lover Boy
Kairav White Lotus Boy Hindi
Kaiser Emperor, King. Boy
Kajji An authority of hadith at Baghdad. Boy
Kalap Moon Boy Hindi
Kalb Faithful, Bold Boy Biblical
Kalbi An authority on genealogy and the Quran. Boy
Kaleb From Caleb-Faithful, Bold Boy Biblical
Kaleem Speaker, talker. Boy
Kaliq Creative, refers to a quality of God Boy
Kalkin Tenth Boy Hindi
Kallan strong Boy Scottish
Kalpesh Lord Of Perfection Boy Hindi
Kalyan Fortunate Boy Hindi
Kamadev God Of Love Boy Hindi
Kamal Beauty, perfection Boy
Kamalaj Lord Brahama Boy Hindi
Kameel Perfect; one of the ninety nine qualities of God Boy
Kamesh Lord Of Love Boy Hindi
Kami Loving Boy Hindi
Kamil Perfect, complete. Boy
Kamil perfection Boy Arabic
Kamlesh God Of Lotus Boy Hindi
Kamod He Fulfills Wishes Boy Hindi
Kamran Safety and helpful. Boy
Kanaiya Lord Krishna Boy Hindi
Kanak Gold Boy Hindi
Kanav A Hindu Sage Boy Hindi
Kanha Krishna Boy Hindi
Kanj Lord Brahama Boy Hindi
Kanu Lord Krishna Boy Hindi
Kanvar Prince Boy Hindi
Kanwaljit Lotus Boy Hindi
Kapil Sage; Sun Boy Hindi
Kapish Lord Hanuman Boy Hindi
Kapoor Saffron Boy Hindi
Karam Generosity Boy
Karan Instrument Boy Hindi
Kardal Mustard seed Boy
Kareef Born in Autumn Boy
Karim Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished Boy
Karm Fate Boy Hindi
Karmendra God Of Action Boy Hindi
Karmjit Winner Over Obstacles Boy Hindi
Karna The Pandavas Half Brother Boy Hindi
Karnam Famed Boy Hindi
Kartar Lord Of Creation Boy Hindi
Kartik Name Of One Of The Months Boy Hindi
Kartikeya God Of War Boy Hindi
Karunesh Lord Of Mercy Boy Hindi
Kasam The king. Boy
Kasch like a blackbird Boy German
Kaseem Divided Boy
Kasen protected with a helmet Boy Latin
Kashif Uncoverer Boy
Kashinath Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Kashyap A Sage And Friend Of Pandavas Boy Hindi
Kasib Fertile Boy
Kasim Lovely. Boy
Kasish Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Katib Writer, scribe Boy
Kaushal Clever, Skilled Boy Hindi
Kaushik Sentiment Of Love Boy Hindi
Kautik Joy Boy Hindi
Kavel Lotus Boy Hindi
Kavi A Wise Man, Poet Boy Hindi
Kavish Name Of Lord Ganesh Boy Hindi
Kayden Boy American
Kaydence pretty funny and active Boy English
Kaylen beloved, sweetheart Boy Arabic
Kayosh Na Boy Hindi
Kaysan Wise. Boy
Kazi Judge. Boy
Kazim Well tempered, cool, patient Boy
Keaton where hawks fly Boy English
Kedar Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Kedem Old, Ancient Boy Biblical
Kell from the spring Boy English
Kellen swamp Boy German
Kelly brave warrior Boy Irish
Kelsey Ceol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harbor Boy English
Kemp champion Boy English
Kenaz Bright Boy Biblical
Keon form of Ewan, from John Boy Irish
Keshav Lord Krishna Boy Hindi
Keshto Lord Hanuman Boy Hindi
Ketak Flower Boy Hindi
Ketan Home Boy Hindi
Ketu Lord Shiva Boy Hindi
Ketubh Cloud Boy Hindi
Kewal Only Boy Hindi
Keyaan Crown, King. Boy

Muslim Baby Names - Islamic Girls & Boys Names Meaning

UrduWire Baby Names & Meaning – Choosing and giving name to new born birth is always a tedious task as what we name the new born is what often reflects on his nature or character. After a healthy debate among the elders the new born is named. Urdu wire presents baby boys & girls Names with their accurate and literal meaning along with the origin of word. People now online can find the meanings of their names also can choose the new baby name (boy and girl) for their beloveds new born. The urdu wire Muslim baby name section features names of various faiths and religions. Urdu Wire has in store a diverse Muslim bany names (Islamic baby names), Hindu, Christian, Sikh and etc baby names with their meaning listed infront. The baby boys and girls names are more categorized as per ethnicity for making it easier to pick up a name for your ethnic group.

Name is the first identity of a mankind, finding a right name is one of the first things happened in human lives, there are thousands of different names across the world which depends on the religions and regions. Different believers and origins across the word choose different name for them. This is divided into boys and girls names. provides vast variety of names with meaning by origins like Muslim names, Arabic names, African, American, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Dutch, Irish, German, Italian, Biblical, Pakistani, Russian, Persian, Turkish, French, Greek, Spanish and more along with the last names in 2015.