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Names Starting With ( A )

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Gabby Derives From Gabrielle Girl Biblical
Gabi Derives From Gabriela Girl Biblical
Gaby Derives From Gabrielle Girl Biblical
Gada Lucky Girl Biblical
Gafna Vine Girl Biblical
Gail Short For Abigail Girl Biblical
Gail gay, lively Girl English
Gaille Merry Girl Biblical
Gajagamini Majestic- Like An Elephant's Walk Girl Hindi
Gajra String Of Flowers Girl Hindi
Gala singer Girl Swedish
Galia God Has Redeemed Girl Biblical
Galya God Has Redeemed Girl Biblical
Ganga A River In India Girl Hindi
Gangi Goddess Durga Girl Hindi
Ganya Garden Of The Lord Girl Biblical
Gargi Name Of A Learned Woman, Goddes Durga Girl Hindi
Garima Strength, Honor Girl Hindi
Gauhar A Pearl Girl Arabic
Gaura Goddes Parvati Girl Hindi
Gauri Goddes Parvati, Fair Complexioned Girl Hindi
Gaurika A Young Girl Girl Hindi
Gautami River Godavari In India Girl Hindi
Gavrila God Is My Strength Girl Biblical
Gayatri Mother Of The Vedas Girl Hindi
Gayle Derives From Gail Girl Biblical
Gayora Valley Of Sun Girl Biblical
Gazala Intelligent, charming Girl
Gazit Hewn Stone Girl Biblical
Geena Silvery Girl Hindi
Geeta Bhagwad Gita, A Zzzzzzholy Book Of Hindus Girl Hindi
Geeti A Song Girl Hindi
Gefen Vine Girl Biblical
Gehna Ornament Girl Hindi
Gelilah Rolling Hills Girl Biblical
Gella One With Golden Hair Girl Biblical
Genesis Beginning Girl Biblical
Genevieve white wave Girl French
Geona Glorify Girl Biblical
Georgia farmer, to work the earth, feminine of George Girl Greek
Ghadah Beautiful Girl
Ghalibah Dominant Girl
Ghaliyah Fragrant, beloved, valuable Girl
Ghaneemah Spoils, booty Girl
Ghania Beautiful Girl
Ghaniyah A daughter of "Afeef bin Amr Abdul Qays had this name; she was a very generous, philanthorpic woman Girl
Ghareebah Strange, foreign Girl
Ghayda Young and delicate Girl
Ghazal She was a narrator of Hadith Girl
Ghazala Deer, like a deer Girl
Ghaziyah Female Warrior Girl
Ghitbah She was a narrator of hadith Girl
Ghizlan From gazzalle Girl
Ghufayrah This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night Girl
Ghumaysa Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; she was a front-rank companion (R.A) and narrated ahadith; she died in the times of Sayyidina Uthman (R.A) Girl
Ghusoon Branches of a tree Girl
Ghuzayyah She was a narrator of hadith Girl
Gili My Joy, Rejoice Girl Biblical
Gina silvery Girl Japanese
Ginger ginger plant Girl Latin
Girija Goddes Parvati Girl Hindi
Gita Bhagwad Gita, A Zzzzzzholy Book Of Hindus Girl Hindi
Gitana gypsy Girl Spanish
Gitanjali A Collection Of Poems Girl Hindi
Gitel Good Girl Biblical
Gitika A Short Song Girl Hindi
Gittel Good Girl Biblical
Giza Hewn Stone Girl Biblical
Godavari A River In India Girl Hindi
Gomati A River In India Girl Hindi
Gopika Cowherd Girls Girl Hindi
Gourangi A Fair Complexioned Girl Hindi
Grace Grace Girl Biblical
Grace grace, blessing Girl Latin
Gulbano Rose Girl
Gul-e-Rana Sweet-smelling rose Girl
Gunjan Humming Girl Hindi
Gunjita The Humming Of Bee Girl Hindi
Gurit Innocent Baby Girl Biblical
Gyanda Knowledgeable Girl Hindi

Muslim Baby Names - Islamic Girls & Boys Names Meaning

UrduWire Baby Names & Meaning – Choosing and giving name to new born birth is always a tedious task as what we name the new born is what often reflects on his nature or character. After a healthy debate among the elders the new born is named. Urdu wire presents baby boys & girls Names with their accurate and literal meaning along with the origin of word. People now online can find the meanings of their names also can choose the new baby name (boy and girl) for their beloveds new born. The urdu wire Muslim baby name section features names of various faiths and religions. Urdu Wire has in store a diverse Muslim bany names (Islamic baby names), Hindu, Christian, Sikh and etc baby names with their meaning listed infront. The baby boys and girls names are more categorized as per ethnicity for making it easier to pick up a name for your ethnic group.

Name is the first identity of a mankind, finding a right name is one of the first things happened in human lives, there are thousands of different names across the world which depends on the religions and regions. Different believers and origins across the word choose different name for them. This is divided into boys and girls names. provides vast variety of names with meaning by origins like Muslim names, Arabic names, African, American, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Dutch, Irish, German, Italian, Biblical, Pakistani, Russian, Persian, Turkish, French, Greek, Spanish and more along with the last names in 2015.