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Muslim names for boys – Explore and discover distinctive and unique name from a wide ranging Muslim names collection brought to you exclusively by UrduWire. Each Muslim name differs or from its meaning and has its own impact on person’s nature. Choose and pick up the name for your new born boy, you think is more meaningful and resembles his nature. Enter the starting alphabet to get the best result as per your need and get the name with their authentic and exact meaning with the mentioned language of the origin. Each Muslim boy name is listed in an alphabetical order with their multiple meaning with gender mentioned at front of it.

Boy Muslim Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Shamim Fire Boy Arabic
Shamir Precious Stone Boy Arabic
Shams The Sun Boy Arabic
Shandar Proud Boy Arabic
Shareef Distinguished; Noble Boy Arabic
Sharif Gentleman Boy Arabic
Shariq Intelligent Boy Arabic
Shaukat Prestige, Richness Boy Arabic
Shaya Worthy Boy Arabic
Shayan Worthy, Deserving, Meriting Boy Arabic
Sher Lion, Tiger, Brave Man Boy Arabic
Shifwat Good Friend Boy Arabic
Shihab Flame; Blaze Boy Arabic
Shinas Knowing, Acquainted With, Intelligence Boy Arabic
Shireen Sweet, Pleasant, Gentle Boy Arabic
Shufwat Best; Immaculate Boy Arabic
Shuhrat Renown, Fame, Rumor Boy Arabic
Shuja' Brave Boy Arabic
Shunnar Pleasant Boy Arabic
Silaah Arms, Armour, Weapons Boy Arabic
Siraaj Lamp; Light Boy Arabic
Siraj Lamp Boy Arabic
Sirhan Wolf Boy Arabic
Sofian Devoted Boy Arabic
Sohail Moon Light Boy Arabic
Soheil Star Boy Arabic
Sohrab A Character In Shahnameh Boy Arabic
Soroush Happy Boy Arabic
Sual Invitation Boy Arabic
Subh Morning, Dawn Boy Arabic
Subhy Early Morning Boy Arabic
Suhail Moon Light Boy Arabic
Suhayb Of Reddish Hair Or Complexion Boy Arabic
Suhayl Name Of A Star Boy Arabic
Sultan King Boy Arabic
Suoud Good Luck Boy Arabic
Suroor Pleasure, Joy, Exhilaration Boy Arabic
Su'Ud Good Luck Boy Arabic
Taahir Chaste; Modest Boy Arabic
Taamir One Who Knows Dates Boy Arabic
Tahir Holy Boy Arabic
Taizeen Encouragement Boy Arabic
Taj Crown Boy Arabic
Tajdar Corwned Boy Arabic
Tajim Respect Boy Arabic
Talal Nice; Admirable Boy Arabic
Talat Prayer Boy Arabic
Talha Kind Of Tree Boy Arabic
Talhah Kind Of Tree Boy Arabic
Talib Willing Boy Arabic
Talut Saul Boy Arabic
Tamam Generous Boy Arabic
Tamir One Who Owns Date Palm Trees Boy Arabic
Tammaan Generous Boy Arabic
Tanveer Englightened Boy Arabic
Tareef Rare Boy Arabic
Tareq Door Knocker Boy Arabic
Tarfah Kind Of Tree Boy Arabic
Tarikh Date, Annals, Morning Star Boy Arabic
Tarique Morning Star Boy Arabic
Tawfeeq Success Boy Arabic
Tawfiq Success, Reconciliation Boy Arabic
Tayseer Facilitation Boy Arabic
Taysir Facilitation Boy Arabic
Tayyib Good Or Delicate Boy Arabic
Thaabit Firm Boy Arabic
Thabit Firm Boy Arabic
Thaqib Shooting Star Boy Arabic
Tuhin Snow Boy Arabic
Ubaadah Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Ubadah Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Ubaid Faithful Boy Arabic
Ubaidah Servant Of God Boy Arabic
Ubay Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Ubayd Servant Of God Boy Arabic
Ubayy Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Umaarah Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Umair Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Umar Old Arabic Name (Second Khalifah) Boy Arabic
Umarah Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Umayr Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Umrao Noble, King Boy Arabic
Uqbah The End Of Everything Boy Arabic
Usaamah Description Of A Lion Boy Arabic
Usamah Description Of A Lion Boy Arabic
Usman Slave Boy Arabic
Ustad Master, Professor Boy Arabic
Utbah Old Arabic Name Boy Arabic
Uthman One Of The Companions Of The Prophet (Pbuh) Boy Arabic
Uwais Small Wolf Boy Arabic
Vafa Loyalty, Faithfulness Boy Arabic
Waahid Single; Exclusively; Unequaled Boy Arabic
Waa'Il Coming Back (For Shelter) Boy Arabic
Wadee Calm, Peaceful Boy Arabic
Wadi Calm, Peaceful Boy Arabic
Wadud One Of The Ninety-Nine Names Of God Boy Arabic
Wafeeq Successful Boy Arabic
Wafi Another Name For God; Faithful; Complete Boy Arabic
Wafid Na Boy Arabic
Wahab Kind Hearted Boy Arabic

Boy Muslim Names Comments

thats amazing google didn`t find my name. but no problem i found my family names. thanks
waqas peshawar pakistan Wed 15 Feb, 2017
i love you girls
alia islamabad Wed 21 Dec, 2016
sheryar ka kia mna hai
sheryarkhan quetta Sat 03 Dec, 2016
anees kandhkot Thu 03 Nov, 2016
huzaifa multan Mon 24 Oct, 2016
what is the meaning of muslim names arhaan urdu meaning
what is the meaning of muslim names arhaan urdu meaning new delhi Sun 23 Oct, 2016
tell me my name meaning
malik haris rawalpindi Wed 05 Oct, 2016
my name is ansar matlab kya huwa
anasr chakia Sun 25 Sep, 2016
my name is ansar
anasr chakia Sun 25 Sep, 2016
hey this is a cute name
amama lahore Sat 03 Sep, 2016
my name is waqas sojhal
waqas khan pur Fri 19 Aug, 2016
son and father name include father name salim
salim kolkata Thu 18 Aug, 2016
(musharib) meaning of musharib
musharib hyderabad Mon 15 Aug, 2016
syed mazhar ul islam chitral Sun 31 Jul, 2016
mera naam sohail abbas hai ise ki meaning kia hogi city ... Mon 25 Jul, 2016
i want islami name for boy with good morning. match with my name
zafarullah peshawar Thu 21 Jul, 2016
i want islami name for boy with good morning. match with my name
zafarullah peshawar Thu 21 Jul, 2016
vivan shahin is my sweet son
vivan baghpat Tue 19 Jul, 2016
i love with "$" because my wife name start from "$"
shahbaz hussain layyah Mon 18 Jul, 2016
i want to islamic name of boy with best meaning & match with my name.
muhammad juman channa jamshoro Tue 21 Jun, 2016
mata sa hukali shan name rawlga
imran sajan lundkhawar Mon 20 Jun, 2016
i love you
shan e haider pakistan Sun 12 Jun, 2016
i want that name 01 june 2016
mohammad shadaan noor darbhanga Thu 02 Jun, 2016
shadaan noor darbhanga Thu 02 Jun, 2016
nice picture πŸ†
ziad wah cannt Wed 01 Jun, 2016
alve arabic meaning ki
alve dhaka Mon 30 May, 2016
assalamu alaikum warah i want a two names of boys with their meanings and name started with s or n name started with syed and another name ended with hussain
shahin trichy Fri 22 Apr, 2016
i want to islamic name of boy with best match with date of birth dob : 05-04-2016
muhammad muhib karachi Tue 12 Apr, 2016
i want islamic boy name send to my mail id
mohammed nizam coimbatore Sun 03 Apr, 2016
shaoul waseem lahore Thu 31 Mar, 2016
hy friend how are you
awais bahawaipur Sun 27 Mar, 2016
dob 12dec1992 match & send name which starts from swnpby
attik lahore Fri 25 Mar, 2016
duraid k meaning bta dain plz
faheem d g khan Sun 21 Feb, 2016
please send me my name meaning
muhammad yasin lahore Tue 26 Jan, 2016
usama shoukat rawalpindi Fri 25 Dec, 2015
assa lam u alaikum.kindly suggest me two boy names with meaning. names as per and sunnah. details are as under:- 1.eder son:-ahmed sultan(born on 2472008) at 6:30 pm) 2.younger son:-toiyaab bin sultan.(born on 92013) please send 5 to 6 names for each of my child.
mohammad sultan bhat sringar(j & k ) india Mon 21 Dec, 2015
you give the meaninig of ali raza name
ali raza pakistan Fri 11 Dec, 2015
good luck name
ghouse hyderabad Fri 04 Dec, 2015
better then better application
rameez raja karachi pak Wed 02 Dec, 2015
sharis name ka meaning
sharis f r peshawar Fri 27 Nov, 2015
good name for boy
wahid indore Tue 24 Nov, 2015
what''''s meanings my nam
gul sher khan dinga chak sher muhammad Sat 31 Oct, 2015
kindly send me new baby boy name with meaning please
nizam dubai Sat 31 Oct, 2015
i waana know the meaning to my name:shaik.darga.khadar basha
khadar basha guntur Sun 25 Oct, 2015
as salamu ujhe mere ladke ka naam rakhna hai nayif please. sahi hai ya nahi aur kuch new name hai please mail me
parwaiz cutback odisha Tue 20 Oct, 2015
hi please suggest me a good muslim name for my son born on 6th october 2015 with meaning pronunciation n urdu spelling.thanks
zainul delhi india Thu 08 Oct, 2015
what is the meaning of arshman
arshman sialkot Wed 30 Sep, 2015
what is meaning of the name safoona
safoona islamabad Fri 11 Sep, 2015
what is meaning of mumber ali
mumber ali jamshoro Sun 30 Aug, 2015
what is the meaning of this name aayat basha khadar
ayat basha khadar indianellore Sun 23 Aug, 2015
bilal nam k mean or kashif ka bi mean plz plz
bilal khushab Tue 18 Aug, 2015
nice looking site good effort for people easeness
mushtaq akif arifwala (pakpattan) Sat 15 Aug, 2015
what a nice name
usamah saeed rahim yar khan Tue 11 Aug, 2015
nice good islamic names good names
zohaib karachi Wed 05 Aug, 2015
sir mera nam ki mening kia hy name ghulam hussain
ghulamhussain matli Tue 14 Jul, 2015
nice name
abdullah lahore Mon 13 Jul, 2015
thanks sania mujhe arhaan ke meaning batane ke lie...
abdul gafoor shaikh mumbai Sat 11 Jul, 2015
as salam elekum, mera beta 29-05-2015 ko 5:30 pm ko peda howa heymuj ko name ky liye kuch nam suggest keren.
syed asif imam fatmi karachi Thu 09 Jul, 2015
I want to know the new name for baby boys and baby girls.
peerzada shah kolkata Wed 08 Jul, 2015
plz mje koi acha and new name bata do muslim plzzzzzzzz tell me fast
kanwal shahzadi ghakhar Mon 29 Jun, 2015
arhaan is a turkish name meaning righteous rulerleader
sania hyderabad Sun 28 Jun, 2015
please let me know now a days boys name for boy
arshad karachi Sat 27 Jun, 2015
mera name meaning
muhammad afrid kadapa Thu 11 Jun, 2015
nice names
aimi doll rawalpindi Tue 09 Jun, 2015
pls give me one good name boy born 13-5-15
shafi shabad Sun 07 Jun, 2015
mujy anish k name ka matlb bta dy plz k ye nam islami hy k ni
sajid faslabad Mon 01 Jun, 2015
huzaifa ka kya mtlb ha jldi btao
huzaifa rawalpindi Thu 21 May, 2015
arvish mame ka kya mtlb h plz blaiye
arvidh mame mtlab h Sun 03 May, 2015
muhammad arhaan nd muhammad sameer ki meaning bta dain jldi
arzo pakistan karachi Sat 02 May, 2015
sir plz tell me tha name of baby boy...born on 2015-04-28
asad chakwal Tue 28 Apr, 2015
sirboy born on 1842015pls tell us suitable name.
farooq ahmed jhelum pakistan Wed 22 Apr, 2015
abdul hadi abdul haddi what are the meaning of the above muslims boys meaning.
gulzar ashfaq lahore pakistan Wed 22 Apr, 2015
Assalam o Alaikum, can anyone tell me the real meaning of Arhaan is it an Arabic word?
irfan nagpur Sat 21 Mar, 2015
name is enough. its mens roshany
manauwer gorakhpur Thu 12 Mar, 2015
plz meaning in urdu and mun
abdul hai oman Thu 12 Mar, 2015
I wana a baby (boy) with arabic or urdu meaning...if some 1 know a good name then email me..pls its urgnt
bahar mir guwahati Mon 16 Feb, 2015
what is meaning of sahil khan
mohd nadeem ghaziabad Fri 13 Feb, 2015
kindly send the meaning of this name. "tughra"
muhammad asghar ali khan islamabad Wed 11 Feb, 2015
what is the meaning of farhad?
aroojniazi islamabad Mon 02 Feb, 2015
it is an arabic name meaning righteous ruler
arhaan riyadh Mon 26 Jan, 2015
meaning of aayan
aayan srinagar Sun 11 Jan, 2015
What is the meaning of Muslim Names Arhaan Urdu meaning.
mohammad naseer bidar karnataka 585403 Mon 05 Jan, 2015
koi mojay bataye ga hadid ka kia meaning hai
yasir ali rawalpindi Mon 29 Dec, 2014
Pleas share the Meaning of name aoown meaning, I want to know this name meaning.
aoown sahiwal Thu 11 Dec, 2014
Awesome name aliyan, kindly share the meaning of name aliyan.
aliyan ahmed karachi Thu 04 Dec, 2014
aswad name is good, it is calling very tuff but meaning is awesome this name.
aswad agra Wed 03 Dec, 2014
please meaning of name
muhammad own lahore Wed 26 Nov, 2014
nice names of Islamic, I want to zaheer & muneer names meaning.
zubair ahmed soomro pano aqill Tue 25 Nov, 2014
mere name "Ajmat Hussain" ka matlab kya h, I want to know latest Baby Boy and girls Arabic and Islamic names detail.
ajmat hussain alighar (india) up Wed 19 Nov, 2014
What is the meaning of this name and how is this Muslim Arbic Name.
samair amjad gojra Thu 30 Oct, 2014
i m n satisfied
sohaib khanewal Fri 17 Oct, 2014
please muja malaika ke nam ka matlab bata da
malaika abbas mardan Thu 16 Oct, 2014
usman jhelum Sun 12 Oct, 2014
it is beautiful name and meaning is slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution i hope you like this
abdul muntaqim hgads pakistani Fri 10 Oct, 2014
it is beautiful name and meaning is slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution i hope you like this
abdul muntaqim hgads pakistani Fri 10 Oct, 2014
pls give option muslim name my new born baby name his birth date is 214 this year the name start with r
a.m.rilwan trincomalee Fri 03 Oct, 2014
please we need a cute small name for our cousine he is muslime arabic name we want that starts from a and end with m
hgads pakistani Thu 02 Oct, 2014
yar jald kro
tayyab jalal pur sharif Sat 23 Aug, 2014
yar jald kro
tayyab jalal pur sharif Sat 23 Aug, 2014
"l" word walay muslim names.
Name ...imran City ...chishtian Sun 17 Aug, 2014
pls give option muslim name my new born baby name his birth date is 19/01/14 this year
MD.PARVEZ MALIK patna ,india Fri 08 Aug, 2014
pls give option muslim name my new born baby name his birth date is 19/01/14 this year
MD.PARVEZ MALIK patna ,india Fri 08 Aug, 2014
pls give option muslim name my new born baby name his birth date is 19/01/14 this year
MD.PARVEZ MALIK patna ,india Fri 08 Aug, 2014
What is meaning
ajibuddin Mumbai Thu 07 Aug, 2014
please mere nam ka meaning bta de please.
Waqas Latif Lahore Wed 06 Aug, 2014
lazim ka mathlab kya hey? ...
Name ...sadik City ...areacode Wed 06 Aug, 2014
name of the mining
arbab bihar Wed 16 Jul, 2014
Onair meaning kia hai
Onair meaning kia hai? karachi Wed 02 Jul, 2014
Arfan name kaisa hai uska mathlab kay hai
anwar jamadar pune Sun 08 Jun, 2014
mera lucky number or burj k barey main btao plz
mansab ali pakpattan Fri 30 May, 2014
Plz mery naaaaam ka matlab btao
waheeeeeed anjum ryk Mon 19 May, 2014
plz tell the meaning of hanzllah, humaize and maraim
sammar City ... Sat 17 May, 2014
This is nice name so kilyer
Sonib Muzaffernagar Sat 17 May, 2014
Psz tell Rahan meaning
rafiyuddin karimnager Fri 02 May, 2014
what is the meaning of name kabeer and kabir
dr. asmat qureshi pachore Tue 29 Apr, 2014
rushd meaning kya hai quran se ye lafaz hai kya
Mohammed Taslim mumbai Tue 29 Apr, 2014
UZAIR ka matlab kia hay
Muhammad Rashid KKarachi Mon 21 Apr, 2014
my name meaning
mianzain faisalabad Sat 12 Apr, 2014
Rijvan mame kaisa he or uska meaning kya he
Rijvan Palanpur(gujrat) Thu 10 Apr, 2014
Imaan name kaisa hai or iske mayne kya hai
arhaan gazyabad Mon 07 Apr, 2014
Aslam o Alikum Ap ye btaye ga k mre lye kaon sa din aaha ha Or mre name k meaning Kia hn
khurram Shahzad mandi Bahauddin (Gojra) Fri 21 Mar, 2014
Any one can send me new muslim names detail, it can not find easily new muslims names.
Nasir iqbal Faisalabad Fri 14 Mar, 2014
The Meaning of Name (Rashid) Is( Righteous, Mature) Hadyat Pana Wala.
Saleem Islamabad Fri 14 Mar, 2014
rashid name ka kiya matlab hai
rashid ali lahore pakistan Fri 07 Mar, 2014
Arsh name kasa hai or meening kya hia
Arsh New Delhi Wed 05 Mar, 2014
Aaryan is a beautiful name...that I choose for my most respected teacher "Sir Faryad" 's new born Nephew...!!!
Ayesha Syed M.B.Din Wed 12 Feb, 2014
Hi I really like 'tis cite...I found many unique and beautiful names for my most respected Teacher "Sir Faryad" 's new born Nephew...!!!
Ayesha Syed M.B.Din Wed 12 Feb, 2014

Comments on Boy Muslim Names

i love this name bcz its my husband name so i respect this name and my husband is a very brave bcz he is lion .......
syed arslan rawal pindi - on Arslan Wed 19 Apr, 2017
i like
daniyal dubai - on Daniyal Fri 07 Apr, 2017
what is parvez meaning
parveez larkana - on Parvez Sat 25 Mar, 2017
how can be write arish in urdu?
majid ali islamabad - on Arish Fri 17 Mar, 2017
aayan name can be boy''''s or girls....and as any body can be "gift of god"
malik city ... - on Aayan Fri 17 Mar, 2017
please note abdul mohid is wrong in its meanings it may be abdul ahad but not abdul mohid
mian islamabad - on Mohid Wed 15 Mar, 2017
my name of menaing
arslan lahore - on Arslan Wed 01 Mar, 2017
i was searching for the name meaning of abdul wasay. but i could not find it. i was also searching for another name abu huraira which is a very beautiful name but here the meaning of this name was also not available. kindly upload both of these names with their urdu meaning on your page
abu hurera multan - on Waahid Mon 27 Feb, 2017
hy my name is gulfam
gulfam riaz lahore - on Gulfam Fri 24 Feb, 2017
i like your meaning name
daniyal khan quetta - on Daniyal Mon 20 Feb, 2017
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