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Latin Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abby head of a monastery Girl Latin
Abercio Boy Latin
Abundiantus plentiful Boy Latin
Acario ungrateful Boy Latin
Accursius to hasten Boy Latin
Ace unity, one, first rate Boy Latin
Acuzio sharp Boy Latin
Alban white, fair Boy Latin
Albion blond Boy Latin
Alroy royal Boy Latin
Amadeo loves God Boy Latin
Amanda love, worthy of love, precious thing Girl Latin
Amelia flatterer, work of the Lord, beloved Girl Latin
Amy beloved Girl Latin
Anabella lovely grace Girl Latin
Anthony priceless, flourishing, flower Boy Latin
Arden passionate, eagle valley Boy Latin
Arden passionate, eagle valley Girl Latin
Aria beautiful melody Girl Latin
Arley the bowman Boy Latin
August exalted Boy Latin
Augustine great Boy Latin
Augustus exalted Boy Latin
Aurelia gold Girl Latin
Autumn autumn Girl Latin
Avis a bird Girl Latin
Beatrice happy, bringer of joy Girl Latin
Beatrix she who blesses Girl Latin
Bellatrix female warrior Girl Latin
Caesar long haired Boy Latin
Caledonia from Scotland Girl Latin
Calvin bald Boy Latin
Camille attendant at a religious ceremony Girl Latin
Cecilia blind Girl Latin
Charity affection, charity, brotherly love Girl Latin
Chauncey chancellor Boy Latin
Christine Christian faith Girl Latin
Claire bright, shining, clear Girl Latin
Clarence clear, bright Boy Latin
Clarissa clear Girl Latin
Constance faithful, firmness Girl Latin
Cordelia rope, heart, a sea jewel Girl Latin
Crystal clear, bright, ice Girl Latin
Curtis court, courteous Boy Latin
Daisy day's eye, flower name Girl Latin
Desiree so long hoped for, crave, desire Girl Latin
Dexter dexterous, right side Boy Latin
Dominik belonging to God Boy Latin
Duke leader Boy Latin
Durand enduring Boy Latin
Elexus Girl Latin
Elroy royal Boy Latin
Esme esteem Girl Latin
Fabian bean Boy Latin
Faith trust, faith Girl Latin
Felix happy Boy Latin
Ferenc independent, free Boy Latin
Florean flower Boy Latin
Forrest woodsman Boy Latin
Francis from France, free Boy Latin
Ginger ginger plant Girl Latin
Grace grace, blessing Girl Latin
Gram grain Boy Latin
Grant great Boy Latin
Hector anchor, steadfast Boy Latin
Ilias Jehovah is my God Boy Latin
Ivory white as ivory Girl Latin
Joyce rejoicing Girl Latin
Julia softhaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle, youthful Girl Latin
Julian youthful Boy Latin
Juliana youthful Girl Latin
June name of a month Girl Latin
Justus justice Boy Latin
Kasen protected with a helmet Boy Latin
Kira light; sun Girl Latin
Korbin Raven Boy Latin
Lara well-known, name of a nymph Girl Latin
Laura laurel leaves, honor, fame, spirit Girl Latin
Laurel Girl Latin
Lavinia purity Girl Latin
Lawrence laurel crown Boy Latin
Lester legion camp Boy Latin
Livia the olive Girl Latin
Lorena the laurel Girl Latin
Lucas luminous Boy Latin
Lucia light Girl Latin
Lucius light Boy Latin
Lucy light Girl Latin
Luke luminous Boy Latin
Mace aromatic spice Boy Latin
Marcella God of war; little hammer Girl Latin
Martin of Mars Boy Latin
Max the greatest Boy Latin
Maxwell great Boy Latin
Mercedes ransom; virgin Mary Girl Latin
Miles soldier; merciful; millstone Boy Latin
Morris dark skinned Boy Latin
Muriel myrrh; sea-bright; angel of June Girl Latin
Myer great Boy Latin
Myra wonderful; quiet song Girl Latin
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