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English Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ackley meadow of oaks Boy English
Acton town with many oaks Boy English
Adalaide noble, variant of Heidi Girl English
Addison Adam's son Boy English
Ailen made of oak Boy English
Aland bright as the sun Boy English
Alberic rules with elf wisdom Boy English
Alcott old cottage Boy English
Alden antique, old, wise protector, old friend Boy English
Aldrich old king Boy English
Alexi female variant of Alexander Girl English
Alfie elf counsel or inspired advice (from the name Alfred) Boy English
Alfred wise counsel Boy English
Alicia of noble birth Girl English
Allard noble and brave Boy English
Alvin elf wine, noble friend Boy English
Alyx helper Girl English
Amaris child of the moon Girl English
Amherst place name Boy English
Annabeth combination name of Anna and Beth Girl English
Ansley from the pastureland of the noble Boy English
Ashlee from the field of ash trees Girl English
Ashleigh from the ash tree Girl English
Ashley ash-tree Girl English
Ashli ash tree meadow Girl English
Ashtin dweller at the ash-tree town Boy English
Ashton ash tree Boy English
Ashtyn from the ash-tree town Boy English
Ashtyn from the Ash Tree Town Girl English
Aspen type of tree Girl English
Aster star Girl English
Atticus father-like Boy English
Audrey noble strength Girl English
Bailee courtyard within the walls Girl English
Barnett noble man Boy English
Baron noble man Boy English
Baxter baker Boy English
Bennett Boy English
Bentley from the moor Boy English
Bently lovely name Boy English
Beverly meadow of beavers Boy English
Beverly meadow of beavers Girl English
Bill form of the name William Boy English
Bishop a bishop Boy English
Blade glory Boy English
Blossom lovely Girl English
Blythe joyous Girl English
Booth hut Boy English
Brad broad meadow Boy English
Braden from the broad valley Boy English
Bradley broad meadow Boy English
Brayden brave, broad Boy English
Brenda fiery hill, sword-blade Girl English
Brent fiery hill, steep hill Boy English
Brett a native of Brittany, Briton Boy English
Bria variant of Brianne Girl English
Brinley tawny Boy English
Brock badger Boy English
Bromley brush-covered meadow Boy English
Brooklyn water Girl English
Brooklynn water Girl English
Calder river of stones, stream Boy English
Callum Boy English
Calvert shepherd Boy English
Cameron bent nose Boy English
Cameron bent nose, dark-haired beauty Girl English
Carlisle from the walled city Boy English
Carrington beautiful Boy English
Carrington beautiful Girl English
Carver sculptor, wood carver Boy English
Casten Bold - fighter Boy English
Chad warlike, warrior Boy English
Charles manly, strong Boy English
Chelsea river landing place, port Girl English
Claiborne born of the earth Girl English
Clark cleric, scholar Boy English
Clinton town near a hill Boy English
Clive cliff dweller Boy English
Clovis clover Girl English
Colby coal town Boy English
Cole coal, victory of the people Boy English
Coleman charcoal burner, dove, peace Boy English
Coltin live in a coal town Boy English
Coraline Baby Girl Name. Meaning: From the semi-precious sea growth coral. Girl English
Corin Girl English
Courtland the king's land, dweller in court Boy English
Courtney from the court Girl English
Dalton valley farm Boy English
Dana Unique Boy English
Dane from Denmark Boy English
Danior born with teeth Boy English
Darnell hidden nook Boy English
Dawn dawn Girl English
Drake ale duck, dragon Boy English
Easter Easter time Girl English
Edison son of Edward Boy English
Ella beautiful fairy woman, all Girl English
Ember smoldering remains of a fire Girl English
Emmett hard worker, truth Boy English
Gage a pledge, a pawn Boy English
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