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Christian Names – Find a distinctive Christian name for your beloved new born child in family from Urduwire Christian name list. Urduwire allow users to learn and know about names of Christianity and multi religions. Picking up a right name is the top most priority for any parent belonging to any religion. Get a complete list of Christian names of males & females with genuine meaning on Urduwire Christian names.

Christian Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aaliyah Ascender Girl Biblical
Aaron Enlightened; To Sing Boy Biblical
Abbie Father Of Joy Girl Biblical
Abbott Father Boy Biblical
Abbott Father Boy -
Abby God Is Joy Girl Biblical
Abe Father Of A Multitude Boy Biblical
Abe Father Of A Multitude Boy -
Abel Second Son Of Adam And Eve Boy -
Abel Second Son Of Adam And Eve Boy Biblical
Abigail God Is Joy Girl Biblical
Abner Father Of Light Boy Biblical
Abner Father Of Light Boy -
Abra Mother Of Many Girl Biblical
Abraham Father Of Multitude Boy Biblical
Abraham Father Of Multitude Boy -
Abram High Father Boy -
Abram High Father Boy Biblical
Absolom My Father Is Peace Boy Biblical
Absolom My Father Is Peace Boy -
Adah Beautiful Addition Girl Biblical
Adam The First Man Boy Biblical
Adamina The Earth Girl Biblical
Adeline Noble Girl Biblical
Aden Handsome, Adorned Boy Biblical
Aden Handsome, Adorned Boy -
Aderes Cape Girl Biblical
Adin Beautiful, Adorned Girl Biblical
Adina Beautiful, Adorned Girl Biblical
Adlai God Is Just Boy Biblical
Adli Just, Wise Boy Biblical
Admon Red Peony Flower Boy Biblical
Adonai My Lord Boy Biblical
Agatha Good Girl Biblical
Ahava Cherished One Girl Biblical
Ailish Consecrated To God Girl Biblical
Ailsa Consecrated To God Girl Biblical
Aizza Life Girl Biblical
Akiva Protected Girl Biblical
Alessa Noble Girl Biblical
Alia Noble Girl Biblical
Alijah The Lord Is My God Boy Biblical
Alissa Truth, Noble Girl Biblical
Aliya Defender Girl Biblical
Aliza Joyful Girl Biblical
Alize Joyful Girl Biblical
Amaris Promised By God Girl Biblical
Amos Troubled Boy Biblical
Anais Graceful Girl Biblical
Andrew A Strong Man Boy Biblical
Ann Gracious Girl Biblical
Anne From The Hebrew Hanna Girl Biblical
Annie Blessed With Grace Girl Biblical
Annot Light Girl Biblical
Aram Highness Boy Biblical
Ardice Flowering Field Girl Biblical
Ardith Flowering Field Girl Biblical
Arella Angel Girl Biblical
Ariella Lion Of God Girl Biblical
Arin Enlightened Girl Biblical
Aron To Sing Boy Biblical
Asher Blessed, Happy Boy Biblical
Atara Crown, Blessed Girl Biblical
Ataret Crown, Blessed Girl Biblical
Athalia God Is Exalted Girl Biblical
Atira Prayer Girl Biblical
Avidan God Is Just Boy Biblical
Avital Father Of Dew Boy Biblical
Aviv Spring, Renewal Boy Biblical
Aviva Joyful Spring Girl Biblical
Aya Bird Girl Biblical
Ayala A Female Deer - (Doe) Girl Biblical
Ayla The Oak Tree Girl Biblical
Barak Thunder Boy Biblical
Bart Son Of Tolmai Boy Biblical
Barth Son Of Tolmai Boy Biblical
Baruch Blessed Boy Biblical
Becca Bound Girl Biblical
Becka Derives From Rebecca Girl Biblical
Becky Bound Girl Biblical
Ben Son Of Boy Biblical
Benjy Son Of My Right Hand Boy Biblical
Benny Son Of My Right Hand Boy Biblical
Benson Son Of Benjamin Boy Biblical
Bess Derives From Elizabeth Girl Biblical
Bessie Consecrated To God Girl Biblical
Beth Derives From Elizabeth Girl Biblical
Bethany Life-Town Near Jerusalem Girl Biblical
Betsy Consecrated To God Girl Biblical
Bettina Consecrated To God Girl Biblical
Betty Consecrated To God Girl Biblical
Beulah Married Girl Biblical
Bluma A Flower, Bloom Girl Biblical
Boaz Swift, Strong Boy Biblical
Bracha A Blessing Girl Biblical
Cale Form Of Caleb Boy Biblical
Caleb Bold Boy Biblical
Carmela Garden Girl Biblical
Carol Farmer Girl Biblical
Cayla Crown Of Laurel Girl Biblical
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Christian Names Comments

boaz is nice name for boy
amoon lahore Wed 22 Feb, 2017
tayyaba lynbrook Thu 01 Dec, 2016
tell the meaning of eshmal
eshmal multan Fri 25 Nov, 2016
i like this name
aliccia karachi Tue 20 Sep, 2016
good name
danica lhr Tue 20 Sep, 2016
yarmaya name meaning in urdu
yarmaya faisalabad Mon 19 Sep, 2016
meaning of riba
riba karachi Fri 29 Jul, 2016
solmen chichawatni Thu 28 Jul, 2016
plz find t meaning of this name maltiha and naisa
sam rawalpindi Fri 01 Jul, 2016
i love this name
cliiford karachi Mon 04 Apr, 2016
good names but my mum says that she is not confirm that the names are really in the holy bilble or not
kinda tariq lahore Fri 19 Feb, 2016
plz find my name meaning
sailas lahore Wed 30 Dec, 2015
good work
asifinyth karachi Wed 11 Mar, 2015
gud give more detail
khurram rafique lahore Sun 19 Oct, 2014
gud but give more names lahore Sun 19 Oct, 2014
i like this names
asher bashir rawalpindi Sat 27 Sep, 2014
good name or not
heman multan Thu 17 Jul, 2014
jessica name is good name for baby
faisal don karachi Sat 26 Apr, 2014
Hi, You are doing very wonderful work because when i checked it im so blessed and it's so easy for every one find to biblical names for our children. God bless you all and bless you more
Samuel Lahore,Pakistan Thu 06 Mar, 2014

Comments on Christian Names

my brother name is ropson i do not know my brother name mean please send me my brother name mean
jessica sialkot pakistan - on Jessica Tue 10 Jan, 2017
thank u
amina gujranwala - on Amos Tue 16 Aug, 2016
my son is greet
aaron karachi - on Aaron Thu 12 Nov, 2015
i have like this
raja zain hassan chakwal - on Caleb Tue 28 Apr, 2015
Gabriel is a beautiful name. I will prefer this name on all the names whenever i will become father. but I am not getting the meaning of biblical here on so I will search biblical meaning.
gabriel lahore - on Gabriel Wed 04 Mar, 2015
I have become father and searching some good names here but i did not find so far. I was searching names which start from d the got names from d category only danial or deen. other names were belong to some non islamic names like david deepest. please add some more names which starts from alphabet d.
danish kabirwala - on Daniel Fri 27 Feb, 2015
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