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Muslim Names – Finding a unique muslim name often seems quite a task for many of us. Urdu Wire brings an assorted collection of Muslim names for both boys and girls with their literal meaning placed in front. Urdu wire helps muslim users to get acquainted with the meanings of their names as well as pick up new names for new born Muslim child. Check the list of names on Urduwire in alphabetical order and choose the name which you think suits your child the most.

Muslim Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Busayrah She was a female companion (R.A) and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah; she also narrated a Hadith quoting the Prophet; "Apply yourself to glorifying Allah, saying there is not God but He and Girl
Bushra Glad, tidings, good news Girl
Bushrah Glad tidings, good news Girl
Busrah She was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah Girl
Buthaynah Of beautiful and tender body Girl
Chaman Garden, from Urdu Language Girl
Chanda Moon light Girl
Chandni The moon's light Girl
Daamin Guarantor, Surety Boy
Daania Beautiful Girl
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science Boy
Daanya Gift of god, beautiful Girl
Dabbah Latch, door lock Boy
Dabir Judge Boy
Dafiyah Narrator of Hadith Girl
Daghfal Name of first Islamic geologist Boy
Dahab Gold Girl
Dahma She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.) Girl
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger Boy
Daleela Guide, Proof Girl
Daliya Dahlia Girl
Dameer Heart, Conscience Boy
Damurah Sparkle of light, fire Boy
Daneen Princess Girl
Daniel Intelligent Boy
Danish Intelligent Boy
Daniya Near, close Girl
Daniyal Intelligent Boy
Darakhshaan Shinning Girl
Darakhshan Shinning Girl
Daria Learned, knowing Girl
Darim Name of a narrator of hadith Boy
Dawid Prince Boy
Dawlah Riches, happiness Boy
Dawlat Khatoon She was from a ruling family Girl
Dawoud A Prophet's name Boy
Da'wud A Prophet's Name Boy
Dayyan A mighty Ruler Boy
Dean Religion Boy
Deeba Obedience Girl
Deema Rainy Cloud Girl
Deen Religion Boy
Dema The Rainy Cloud Girl
Dhakiyah Bright, intelligent Girl
Dhiya Light, splendour Boy
Dhul Fiqar Name of the Prophet's sword Boy
Dilawar Brave, Courageous Boy
Dildar Charming, beloved Boy
Dilshad Khatoon She lived between 730-750 Girl
Dina Love Girl
Dinar Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit Boy
Diqrah A narrator of hadith Girl
Diya Light (Also pronounced Ziya) Boy
Diyanah Religion Girl
Diyari A gift, or a present Boy
Dizhwar Mean, strong Boy
Doaa Pray, a voice of heart, request to All-mighty Allah, a source of Girl
Duaa Prayer Girl
Duba'ah Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) she said to the Prophet (S.A.W) that she intended to perform the pilgrimage but was suffering from pain. The Prophet (S.A.W) instructed her to assume Girl
Duha Fore noon Boy
Dujanah Rain Girl
Dunia The world Girl
Durdanah Pearl Girl
Durrah Pearl Girl
Ehan Full moon Boy
Ehsaas Feel Boy
Ehsan Powerful Boy
Eijaz Miracle Boy
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God Girl
Eimaan Faith Girl
Eiman Faith Girl
Ejaz To do something which others cannot do; a miracle; inimitability Boy
El-Amin Trustworthy Boy
Eliza Unique, precious Girl
Elma Apple Girl
Eman Faith Girl
Emran Progress, Achievement Boy
Enisa Good friend Girl
Eraj Morning light Girl
Erina Beautiful lady Girl
Ermina Friendly Girl
Erum Heaven Girl
Esha'al Protected by god Girl
Eshal The name of flower in the heaven Girl
Eshmaal Bunch of red roses Girl
Ezzah A person who gives the honour, respect Girl
Faaiz Successful, Prosperous, Victories Boy
Faakhir Proud, Excellent Boy
Faaris Horseman, Knight Boy
Faaz Victorius, successful Boy
Fadeelah Superiority Girl
Fadi Redeemer Boy
Fadil Honourable, outstanding Boy
Fadila Good looking, attractive Girl
Fadilah Distinguished, learned Girl
Fadl Reward, favour Boy
Fadwah Name derived from self-sacrifice Girl
Fadyaa Sacrificing Girl
Faeezah Leader Girl
Faekah Wise Girl
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Muslim Names Comments

mere name ka meaning mujhe beta dy please jade age m how a tab b bata dy
rajid ali kpk Tue 18 Apr, 2017
shoaib khan
shoaib khan jamsedpur Fri 07 Apr, 2017
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shameen muzaffargarh Tue 04 Apr, 2017
plz tell me my name meaning
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m.adnan meaning of name
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airmen raja kupwara Sat 25 Feb, 2017
ziauddin khan bajaur Fri 24 Feb, 2017
asif ka matlab kay hota hai
asif khan new delhi Tue 21 Feb, 2017
bety name
sattar khan surat Mon 20 Feb, 2017
preety and cute
arsalna karachi Sun 19 Feb, 2017
mera nam k mtlb baten plz narmish
narmish karachi Sat 18 Feb, 2017
thats amazing google didn`t find my name. but no problem i found my family names. thanks
waqas peshawar pakistan Wed 15 Feb, 2017
raffat naaz ka urdu matlb kiya hota h
raffat naaz nawada Wed 08 Feb, 2017
ahmad shehzad
ahmad shehzad buner kpk Sun 05 Feb, 2017
tell my name meaning
memoona karachi Wed 01 Feb, 2017
what is the meaning of my name adnan
adnan sialkot Mon 30 Jan, 2017
eman fatma name ke meaning kiya hai
shaban memon karachi Sat 28 Jan, 2017
md arshan ka mtlb kya h plz tell me
umme kulsum khan lucknow Wed 25 Jan, 2017
mowadat khanewal Wed 25 Jan, 2017
please tell me what is the actual meaning of amaira is it muslim name or not
amaira delhi Sun 15 Jan, 2017
akbar hyd Sat 14 Jan, 2017
mja apna lucky number stone r sb details about my name chaheyan plz
kiran qayyum layyah Mon 09 Jan, 2017
aslam.o.alekum-sir my english is not good my lucky number and my lucky day and my stones name all details send my name history date off birth?! -4-1988 mai out off country jana chahta hun to mery liye sub se acha or lucky country hy place mujhy yeh bhi bataein a
imaran butt lahore Thu 05 Jan, 2017
pl tell me exact in urdu & english translation.
alizay lahore Tue 03 Jan, 2017
mara name ka means kya ha monis
monis karachi Fri 30 Dec, 2016
asw hazrat mere naam urdu meaning kya hua please send my email i''''d ok sir thankfully
mdkhalidzeauddin zia gopalganj Sat 24 Dec, 2016
my name is qamar abbas aor is ka kya mani hay aor burj konsa hay
qamar abbas hafizabad Sat 24 Dec, 2016
i love you girls
alia islamabad Wed 21 Dec, 2016
plz tell me the meaning of areeya fatima
aisha ansari gujranwala Sat 17 Dec, 2016
i want to know what is the word of the meaning Allah ka pyar or dil
farhana naseem karachi Thu 15 Dec, 2016
plsss tell me meaning of this name
nalain fatima faisalabad Tue 13 Dec, 2016
good. better. best i love websites
asif muzaffarnagar Fri 09 Dec, 2016
sheryar ka kia mna hai
sheryarkhan quetta Sat 03 Dec, 2016
mera nam ka matlab keya hai
mujaffar mumbay Sat 03 Dec, 2016
anish khan
anish khan kolkata Thu 01 Dec, 2016
very nice site
zahid ali lahri Sat 26 Nov, 2016
my daughter name is hamsa. can any one tell me meaning of this name also please confirm either this is islamic name
waseem oman Mon 21 Nov, 2016
marey name ka matlab kia ha
ali pakistan Sun 20 Nov, 2016
meaning of marwa name
marwa lahore pakistan Sat 19 Nov, 2016
tell me the meaning of zarish????
kiran shahzadi sahiwal Fri 18 Nov, 2016
tell me the meaning of zarish ?????
kiran shahzadi sahiwal Fri 18 Nov, 2016
what is meaning of zarish fatima???????
kiran shahzadi sahiwal Fri 18 Nov, 2016
please tell me the name of izan meaning
izan gujarkhan Thu 17 Nov, 2016
what means inaysha(h)
amier netherlands Mon 14 Nov, 2016
i havent opened other pages from 2
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name ke mening batao
zishan ansari ghaziabad Sun 13 Nov, 2016
plz tell me the name of zarish meanings
kamran sahiwal Tue 08 Nov, 2016
muslim meaning of shizna
shizna tirur Tue 08 Nov, 2016
mera name gufran hai is name ka mtlb kya hota h plzz btaye
gufran kolkata Fri 04 Nov, 2016
anees kandhkot Thu 03 Nov, 2016
name ...fehmida bandra Tue 01 Nov, 2016
huzaifa multan Mon 24 Oct, 2016
meaning of my name
saddam ali lucknow Sun 23 Oct, 2016
what is the meaning of muslim names arhaan urdu meaning
what is the meaning of muslim names arhaan urdu meaning new delhi Sun 23 Oct, 2016
plz tell me zimmal mean.and umma e zimmal mean
umma e zimmal kallar sayadan Tue 18 Oct, 2016
hi i m mohsin from moradabad
mohammad mohsin moradabad Sun 16 Oct, 2016
momal k mtlb
momal medina Tue 11 Oct, 2016
plz tell me sabahat meanings ....
sabahat shah karachi Mon 10 Oct, 2016
tell me my name meaning
malik haris rawalpindi Wed 05 Oct, 2016
anfaas attock Wed 05 Oct, 2016
please send me meanings of my name correctly waheed ur rehman
waheed ur rehman mansehra Tue 04 Oct, 2016
i want to see the name of hifza wallpaper
akbar surat Sun 02 Oct, 2016
mara name ka mean
ayaz i202wb Tue 27 Sep, 2016
my name is usama my name is so beautifull my name meaning loininnconet king of jungle
malik usama faisalabad Tue 27 Sep, 2016
plz tell me ishfaq meanings thanks
ishfaq islamabad Mon 26 Sep, 2016
my name is ansar matlab kya huwa
anasr chakia Sun 25 Sep, 2016
my name is ansar
anasr chakia Sun 25 Sep, 2016
your information very interesting.
umema karachi Sat 24 Sep, 2016
bhai faisar abbas ka kia meaning hain koi bataa sakta hain bhai mojay
faisar abbas bhabra Thu 22 Sep, 2016
gulnaz ki meeting
gulnaz bangalore Thu 22 Sep, 2016
what is the meaning of asnia
asnia peshawar Wed 21 Sep, 2016
good names
unza kharian Mon 19 Sep, 2016
mera name md shahnawaz hai mera mink keya hoga
md shahnawaz india Wed 14 Sep, 2016
merko apne ladke ka name rakhna h koi achha sa name batao plz
zakir khan jahagir puri delhi 33 Thu 08 Sep, 2016
plz tel me the meaning of name esham
arbab gujranwala Wed 07 Sep, 2016
zeeshan ke matlab kiya how
mohd wahid rain mumbai Tue 06 Sep, 2016
mary name ka mainly
muhammad asif multan Tue 06 Sep, 2016
plz tell me eishal meanings thanks
eishal karachi Sun 04 Sep, 2016
as lamo alakam mera nawasa 30 august ko broz mangal ko huwa hai plz is hassab se koi achha sa name bta kar shukria ka maoka dain
akhtar chohan sheikhupura Sat 03 Sep, 2016
hey this is a cute name
amama lahore Sat 03 Sep, 2016
plz tel me the meaning of name esham
adnan multan Wed 31 Aug, 2016
plz tell me the origin or name pareezay and what does it mean
sidra islamabad Sun 28 Aug, 2016
mjy is name ka mtlb btao plz am watting . foogei is my nick name so plz i request u tell me the meaning of this name
foogei bwp Mon 22 Aug, 2016
i would like to know the meaning (in urdu) for the following boys names: 1) adnan 2) arhaan
abdul mujeeb riyadh Sun 21 Aug, 2016
my name is waqas sojhal
waqas khan pur Fri 19 Aug, 2016
son and father name include father name salim
salim kolkata Thu 18 Aug, 2016
please tell me the meanings of arabic name araza arazah for baby girls.
muhammad naeem islamabad Mon 15 Aug, 2016
(musharib) meaning of musharib
musharib hyderabad Mon 15 Aug, 2016
mn apny name ka matlab jana ha b
shahmeer pindi gheb Wed 10 Aug, 2016
shah veez ka matlib kia hae
shah veez danmark Sun 31 Jul, 2016
syed mazhar ul islam chitral Sun 31 Jul, 2016
me ne apni badeji ka name rekhna hai wo monday ko petha hoi hai please send kary abi
fazal.elahi faisalabad Sat 30 Jul, 2016
mujhey mere name ka matlab pata nai chala mere name ka matlab kiya hai plz bats dein
areeba karachi Thu 28 Jul, 2016
mera naam sohail abbas hai ise ki meaning kia hogi city ... Mon 25 Jul, 2016
nice name
kulsoom karachi Mon 25 Jul, 2016
tell me the meaning of natasha zehra?
natasha karachi Fri 22 Jul, 2016
tell me meaning of fareen
mohammed abdulla al mamun dhaka. bangladesh Thu 21 Jul, 2016
i want islami name for boy with good morning. match with my name
zafarullah peshawar Thu 21 Jul, 2016
i want islami name for boy with good morning. match with my name
zafarullah peshawar Thu 21 Jul, 2016
vivan shahin is my sweet son
vivan baghpat Tue 19 Jul, 2016
ansar shaikh iindia Mon 18 Jul, 2016
i love with "$" because my wife name start from "$"
shahbaz hussain layyah Mon 18 Jul, 2016
muje iska meaning pata krna hai
mahnishmal fatima multan Sun 17 Jul, 2016
please send me meaning of name arhaan
mohamed noorudeen dindigul Fri 08 Jul, 2016
pls tell me the meaning of sania and also thaha..
sania thaha chennai Wed 06 Jul, 2016
hoorain meaning
hoorain karachi Mon 04 Jul, 2016
i am so gud
aqsajavaid sargodha Thu 30 Jun, 2016
maray name ka kya mtlb hai
tajammal islamabad pakistan Wed 29 Jun, 2016
these are very nice names of male and female . but what will be the meaning of gulzar ahmad?
gulzar ahmad gogial colony Mon 27 Jun, 2016
mirza mani hum muslim name rakh sata hai
mani toor karainwala Fri 24 Jun, 2016
mantasha meaning and lucky day
mantasha belgaum Fri 24 Jun, 2016
i want to islamic name of boy with best meaning & match with my name.
muhammad juman channa jamshoro Tue 21 Jun, 2016
mata sa hukali shan name rawlga
imran sajan lundkhawar Mon 20 Jun, 2016
what is the meaning of my name..any body can help me plz
jehangir parachinar Mon 20 Jun, 2016
my sun name mohammed huzer
abdul gafur hospet Sat 18 Jun, 2016
all is beautiful names please tell me name aqsa meaning
abdul gafur hospet Sat 18 Jun, 2016
hello my name is sualeha and l want to find the meaning of my name
sualeha lahore Fri 17 Jun, 2016
tell me the meaning of my name
ayesha bahawalnagar Sun 12 Jun, 2016
i love you
shan e haider pakistan Sun 12 Jun, 2016
please me meaning of :''''asnaadh"
rasool markapur in india Sat 11 Jun, 2016
plz tell meaning my name usman ul haq
usman ukhaq pakistan rawalkot Fri 10 Jun, 2016
give me ans umme kulum name minning
umee kulsum himatnagar Sat 04 Jun, 2016
shukriya and the other day
azmattamboli latur Fri 03 Jun, 2016
i want that name 01 june 2016
mohammad shadaan noor darbhanga Thu 02 Jun, 2016
shadaan noor darbhanga Thu 02 Jun, 2016
i don''''t know what''''s my name means.
gulsanga sargodha Thu 02 Jun, 2016
rizwan bhatti karachi Thu 02 Jun, 2016
nice picture 🏆
ziad wah cannt Wed 01 Jun, 2016
please tell me the meaning of word anaya
muhammad hussain bahawalnagar Wed 01 Jun, 2016
please mujy anaya ka meaning aur origin bata dein
muhammad hussain bahawalnagar Wed 01 Jun, 2016
(zartisha) (mahnoor) and (maheen) plz in k meanings bta den plz
syed sahil sanghar Tue 31 May, 2016
alve arabic meaning ki
alve dhaka Mon 30 May, 2016
mujhe apni sister ka naam rakhna hai jo match to asra
tofique ghotki Sat 28 May, 2016
25 may ko mera nephew huwa hai yaar koi btao us ka name kia rakhen date of birth k mutabiq
qadeer butt narowal Fri 27 May, 2016
ma ne apni bhanji ka nam rakhna ha plz mujy ek acha sa nam send karaen
eshrat hussain gilgit Mon 23 May, 2016
s say shro hny waly name batain plz warna larai ho jai gi
alia islamabad Fri 20 May, 2016
plz tell me mantasha name rkh skty hn..?iska sahi mtlb kya hai..or urdu me kesy likhen gy?
mrs suhaib lahore Thu 19 May, 2016
so nice name
niddah hydrabad Thu 19 May, 2016
nice name
niddah porbandar Thu 19 May, 2016
plz tel me the meaning of robina
muhammad arshad mian chunnu Thu 19 May, 2016
plz name ka meaning btaen
faria lahore Tue 17 May, 2016
meaning in urdu
urshaa multan Wed 11 May, 2016
plz tell me name meaning
zarish lahore Wed 11 May, 2016
please mery name ka matlab bta dejeay. my name is hina
hina kamalia Wed 11 May, 2016
bilal ghani
bilal.ghani karachi Wed 11 May, 2016
plz tell me the meaning of my name
zaibunisha delhi Sun 08 May, 2016
an tum name means
antum bareilly Sun 08 May, 2016
assalamu alaikum warah i want a two names of boys with their meanings and name started with s or n name started with syed and another name ended with hussain
shahin trichy Fri 22 Apr, 2016
please tell the meaning of rameelaanzaaaniya
muhammad bilal peshawar Thu 21 Apr, 2016
I want to know latest baby boy and baby girl Muslim Names list.
name ...aqsa city ...sargoidha Wed 20 Apr, 2016
my lovely daugther
warisha peshawar Wed 20 Apr, 2016
plz teel meaning
saaliha salem Sun 17 Apr, 2016
plz tell me the meaning of meshal noor
ishrat tauseef rawalpindi Thu 14 Apr, 2016
pls tell me aliza meaning
aliza kharian Tue 12 Apr, 2016
i want to islamic name of boy with best match with date of birth dob : 05-04-2016
muhammad muhib karachi Tue 12 Apr, 2016
plz tell me the meaning of binza
ayan ansari meerut Mon 11 Apr, 2016
eshmal sargodha Sun 10 Apr, 2016
i wait for name meaning
taslim mumbai Fri 08 Apr, 2016
i wait for name meaning
taslim mumbai Fri 08 Apr, 2016
i want islamic boy name send to my mail id
mohammed nizam coimbatore Sun 03 Apr, 2016
rahat nizam
uddin rahatnizam bangalore Sat 02 Apr, 2016
shaoul waseem lahore Thu 31 Mar, 2016
pls tell a meaning of maham
firoz shaikh mumbai (india ) Tue 29 Mar, 2016
plz tel me the meaning of zarish if any 1 know
zarish usman gujar khan Mon 28 Mar, 2016
hy friend how are you
awais bahawaipur Sun 27 Mar, 2016
dob 12dec1992 match & send name which starts from swnpby
attik lahore Fri 25 Mar, 2016
please tell me the meanings of name reemal
mehboob ali jhang Fri 25 Mar, 2016
plazzz my names in meanings send me plzz
baseera karachi Thu 24 Mar, 2016
anyone has the meaning of "hasya" in arabic? read somewhere it means perfection but would like justification somewhere else.
hasya city ... Thu 24 Mar, 2016
please tellthe meaning of arooshma
arooshma multan pakistan Sun 20 Mar, 2016
my lovely nawasa
faizan bhalwal Wed 16 Mar, 2016
abrish name meaning
adnan attock Sun 13 Mar, 2016
i want to know that meanings
zorish mumbai Fri 11 Mar, 2016
name meaning
abdulmannan kasur Wed 09 Mar, 2016
meaning send for hussan
hussan karachi Mon 07 Mar, 2016
rizwan ka matlab
rizwan khan mumbi Mon 07 Mar, 2016
anam names meanings
anam lahore Thu 03 Mar, 2016
mera nam muhammad bilal hi kya koi muja bata ga k mera naam ka kya matlab hai plzzzzzzzzzz
muhammad bilal multan Thu 03 Mar, 2016
shameen meaning
shameen peshawar Wed 02 Mar, 2016
meening shakeel ahmad
shakeel ahmad abbottabad Tue 01 Mar, 2016
meaning of feriha
feriha riyadh Mon 29 Feb, 2016
please let me know the meaning of anaya. (girl)
faheem karachi Fri 26 Feb, 2016
please what is meaning:- amber.....( alaf ) amber.....( -aign )
jameel qazi dammam- saudi arabia Wed 24 Feb, 2016
mian zaman lahore Tue 23 Feb, 2016
duraid k meaning bta dain plz
faheem d g khan Sun 21 Feb, 2016
please mujhy bahawal sher name ka meaning btao
adnan gujranwala Wed 17 Feb, 2016
meri bhanji 17 february 2016 din time 1 bja paida hue h us k lia nam k haroof tajveez kr dae plz
hajira khaur Wed 17 Feb, 2016
mera beta 22 jan 16 ko jume ke din pida howa hy din 1.30 khoi acha sa naam bata den
kamran islamabad Mon 15 Feb, 2016
umar murtaza rwp Sun 14 Feb, 2016
wasim pakistan Fri 12 Feb, 2016
meaning of nehan ali
nehan ali swat Fri 12 Feb, 2016
please tell me my name meaning
mehreen ahmed karachi Tue 09 Feb, 2016
mere name ka matlab kya h ...shahrukh
shahrukh ansari bhilwara Mon 08 Feb, 2016
shaberin dharmapuri Sat 06 Feb, 2016
mare beti 30 janauary ko raat .30 pm peada hue plz koye naam ya alfaz tajweez kar dy
shahid munir layyah Sat 06 Feb, 2016
mohd mastan india Tue 02 Feb, 2016
mera beta peda howa hai jes ke pedais hai 2912016 1:00 am hai hum us ka kya name raky palz batay
huzaifa dera nawab Thu 28 Jan, 2016
afia ka matlab kya huwa
afia jeddah Wed 27 Jan, 2016
please send me my name meaning
muhammad yasin lahore Tue 26 Jan, 2016
arbisha meengs
arbisha lahore Mon 25 Jan, 2016
boy name arabic
azeem ahmad rawalpindi Mon 25 Jan, 2016
mera naam shawaiz hai is k matlb kia hai
usman rawalpindi Wed 20 Jan, 2016
plz tell me meaning off aitesham ur rahmaan
khuram saudia riyadh ( pakistan faisalabad) Tue 19 Jan, 2016
syed aitesham ur rahman plz tell m the meaning off plz
syed khuram faisalabad Tue 19 Jan, 2016
sabder name ka kya meaning hai
sabder ali bareilly Fri 15 Jan, 2016
meesam naam ka kya matlab hai.or amish naam ka kya matlab h pls tell me ...
meesam naz firozabad Wed 13 Jan, 2016
plz tell me the meaning of zeeshayl?
adeel rawalpindi Tue 12 Jan, 2016
my daughter born on 22-dec-2015. we decided her name as "mahnoor fatima". plz confirm it this ok.
raza rawalpindi Tue 12 Jan, 2016
naam kamatlab
asad khan kaithoon Mon 11 Jan, 2016
urooj is good name and i love it is my name
urooj hyderabad Mon 11 Jan, 2016
good name please tell me meaning of my name
noshia gojra Sun 10 Jan, 2016
what''''s the meaning or "arfat" girl name?
muhammad adnan peshawar Fri 08 Jan, 2016
iname urfan
farhan karchi Mon 04 Jan, 2016
please meray name ka matlab bta dein
alyna faislabad Sat 02 Jan, 2016
usama shoukat rawalpindi Fri 25 Dec, 2015
my life my rule
sadiya ambala cantt Thu 24 Dec, 2015
assa lam u alaikum.kindly suggest me two boy names with meaning. names as per and sunnah. details are as under:- 1.eder son:-ahmed sultan(born on 2472008) at 6:30 pm) 2.younger son:-toiyaab bin sultan.(born on 92013) please send 5 to 6 names for each of my child.
mohammad sultan bhat sringar(j & k ) india Mon 21 Dec, 2015
zarish tafheem haleem nigaris ki meaning kya hai...?
mahaboob alam azamgarh azamgarh........ ( now dammam ksa ) Sun 20 Dec, 2015
ist rabiulawal girl born tell me suitabe name
usman hafeez city ... Sat 19 Dec, 2015
please tell me the neaming of rohaima..
rohaima lahore Fri 18 Dec, 2015
best name
aaliyah karachi malir Fri 18 Dec, 2015
mare name ka matlab kiya hai ji ijaz
ijaz bahrien Thu 17 Dec, 2015
kousar sekh
kousa sekh kolkata Wed 16 Dec, 2015
i want to check the meaning ... please give me authentic meaning of (erina)
asawir lahore Sun 13 Dec, 2015
mera naam neyaz h iska matlab kya h please bataen
neyaz ahmed siwan bihar Sat 12 Dec, 2015
you give the meaninig of ali raza name
ali raza pakistan Fri 11 Dec, 2015
aaraf names meaning
aaraf losal sikar Wed 09 Dec, 2015
plz name is abrish for meaning
imran hyd Sun 06 Dec, 2015
this is very good to know the meaning of our beloved ones
uma city ... Sun 06 Dec, 2015
this is very good to know the meaning of our beloved ones
nahid city ... Sun 06 Dec, 2015
good luck name
ghouse hyderabad Fri 04 Dec, 2015
tel me meaming of zimal
please tel me zimal meaning city ... Fri 04 Dec, 2015
plz tell meaning of name antum
antum vapi Thu 03 Dec, 2015
plese send my baby name. islamic with urdu menig from "a"
harun patel bardoli Thu 03 Dec, 2015
better then better application
rameez raja karachi pak Wed 02 Dec, 2015
sharis name ka meaning
sharis f r peshawar Fri 27 Nov, 2015
plz mere bare m btaiye k mje studies m problems q aaraen mera her jaga admission hojata per ja ni paate do saal se horaha or ab 3sra saal h. plz help me
iqra bahawalpur Fri 27 Nov, 2015
good name for boy
wahid indore Tue 24 Nov, 2015
maey nme ka matlab
zeeshan abbasi karachi Tue 24 Nov, 2015
plz zeemal ka kia matlab he meri beti pe rkha he
javed zaman bannu Sun 22 Nov, 2015
tell me meaning
zarnish islamabd Tue 17 Nov, 2015
love is life
abdulqadir kangan pur Mon 09 Nov, 2015
mere name ka matlab kia hai
asif city ... Mon 09 Nov, 2015
abdul ahad naam ki kiyaa fazilat hai..? or aksr loog yeh kehty hein ky yeh naam bht bhaari naam hai..? or just muhammad naam rakha jaa skta hai..?
abdul ahad islamabad Mon 09 Nov, 2015
plz meaning for aizah thank
aizah paris Sun 08 Nov, 2015
imsha for meaning rudauli Fri 06 Nov, 2015
what is meaning of tahjiz name
tahjis thatta Fri 06 Nov, 2015
plz tell me meaning of shabinza
rashid renala khurd Thu 05 Nov, 2015
plz mining zahresh
zahresh bagh azad kashmir Wed 04 Nov, 2015
17 moharram 1st november time 130pm sunday daughter .tell me suitable name
ubaid karachi Mon 02 Nov, 2015
what''''s meanings my nam
gul sher khan dinga chak sher muhammad Sat 31 Oct, 2015
plz tell me mening and histery of hania
hania lahore Sat 31 Oct, 2015
plz tell me mening and histery of hania
hania lahore Sat 31 Oct, 2015
kindly send me new baby boy name with meaning please
nizam dubai Sat 31 Oct, 2015
raza gujranwala Fri 30 Oct, 2015
tell me ileena meaning
ileena hyderabad Wed 28 Oct, 2015
ileena meaning
ileena hyderabad Wed 28 Oct, 2015
please tell us the name of areeba
areeba gujrat Mon 26 Oct, 2015
i waana know the meaning to my name:shaik.darga.khadar basha
khadar basha guntur Sun 25 Oct, 2015
it''''s session very wonderful
fardeen basha tiruvannamalai Fri 23 Oct, 2015
tell me umme hanni meaning
raheema lahore Wed 21 Oct, 2015
as salamu ujhe mere ladke ka naam rakhna hai nayif please. sahi hai ya nahi aur kuch new name hai please mail me
parwaiz cutback odisha Tue 20 Oct, 2015
plz help my name ( shaijan)
mazhar delhi- india. Tue 20 Oct, 2015
plz tell me the name of roha meaning everyone now tell me this name meaning
noshaba khan karachi Fri 16 Oct, 2015
plz tell me the name of roha meaning everyone now tell me this name meaning
noshaba khan karachi Fri 16 Oct, 2015
here are some names
mohsin lake zurich Thu 08 Oct, 2015
hi please suggest me a good muslim name for my son born on 6th october 2015 with meaning pronunciation n urdu spelling.thanks
zainul delhi india Thu 08 Oct, 2015
tell me hira fatima meaning
shahid malik karachi Wed 07 Oct, 2015
my douther born is 1492015 her mother name is tasleem and father name is shahid she live in karachi place tell me her name and meaning
shahid malik karachi Wed 07 Oct, 2015
plz mining name
zarish bagh azad kashmir Thu 01 Oct, 2015
what is the meaning of arshman
arshman sialkot Wed 30 Sep, 2015
tel me ufran mame meaning
ufran anantapur Tue 29 Sep, 2015
my name is unshaal.plz tell me my name s'''' meaning
unshaal karachi Sun 20 Sep, 2015
please let me know the meaning of kowsar a girls name
seshan hosur Sun 13 Sep, 2015
what is meaning of the name safoona
safoona islamabad Fri 11 Sep, 2015
meaning of anaiza.
zeeniya rwp Fri 11 Sep, 2015
meaning of mehral
mehral peshawar Sun 06 Sep, 2015
my daughter name is alishba and she will be born in this month can you tell men the name is alishba and is it suitable name of my baby thanks
naushad karachi Sat 05 Sep, 2015
my name is rukaiya and sister name is huma so plz tell this name of meaning....
rukaiya lucknow Fri 04 Sep, 2015
my niece name is eshaal whose birth date is 27 february whether it is suitable or not plese tell me
rao amiir lodhran Wed 02 Sep, 2015
what is meaning of mumber ali
mumber ali jamshoro Sun 30 Aug, 2015
meaning of uzma
uzma aurangabad Thu 27 Aug, 2015
plzz tell rataab means
rataab karachi Tue 25 Aug, 2015
aimal meaning of hope
tanzeem new delhi Tue 25 Aug, 2015
is this name ok to keep if baby girl born on 23august 2015
mantasha karachi Mon 24 Aug, 2015
please correct meanings & pronunciations
meenal muzaffar garh Mon 24 Aug, 2015
what is the meaning of this name aayat basha khadar
ayat basha khadar indianellore Sun 23 Aug, 2015
bilal nam k mean or kashif ka bi mean plz plz
bilal khushab Tue 18 Aug, 2015
nice looking site good effort for people easeness
mushtaq akif arifwala (pakpattan) Sat 15 Aug, 2015
plzzzzz tell me aimal meaning
aimal quetta Thu 13 Aug, 2015
can u explain proper meaning of zimil fatima
waqas ahmad jhang pakistan Wed 12 Aug, 2015
can you please explain the proper meaning of name zarish
zarish mumbai Tue 11 Aug, 2015
what a nice name
usamah saeed rahim yar khan Tue 11 Aug, 2015
plz taha name ka matlb snd kr dn thx plz
khalid nawaz lahore Sat 08 Aug, 2015
nice good islamic names good names
zohaib karachi Wed 05 Aug, 2015
hume lucky names ki taalas hai plz btae
madiha gujranwala Sun 02 Aug, 2015
plz tel meaning of zarshal. :-)
asif lahore Sat 01 Aug, 2015
plz tell me ...mahjeba name meaning in islamic words
sarah islamabad Tue 28 Jul, 2015
mjhy rumaila name ka matlb janana hy plz snd kr dain
maha khan attock Fri 24 Jul, 2015
is this a muslim name and what is its meaning?
vaneeza islamabad Fri 24 Jul, 2015
what is the meaning of pareezay?
pareezay name means fsd pakistan Fri 24 Jul, 2015
What is the meaning of Alhamiz and Abibulahi.
hassan istanbul Fri 24 Jul, 2015
what is the meaning of pareezay?
pareezay name means fsd pakistan Thu 23 Jul, 2015
i want to see pareezay means in islamic means
pareezay name means fsd pakistan Thu 23 Jul, 2015
muje zanjbeel ka matlab jana ha
ali ali islamabad Sat 18 Jul, 2015
muje izrar name ka matlab janna hai
izrar ullah itlay Tue 14 Jul, 2015
sir mera nam ki mening kia hy name ghulam hussain
ghulamhussain matli Tue 14 Jul, 2015
nice name
abdullah lahore Mon 13 Jul, 2015
thanks sania mujhe arhaan ke meaning batane ke lie...
abdul gafoor shaikh mumbai Sat 11 Jul, 2015
as salam elekum, mera beta 29-05-2015 ko 5:30 pm ko peda howa heymuj ko name ky liye kuch nam suggest keren.
syed asif imam fatmi karachi Thu 09 Jul, 2015
I want to know the new name for baby boys and baby girls.
peerzada shah kolkata Wed 08 Jul, 2015
what is my name mean
faisa london Sun 05 Jul, 2015
what is the meaning of zarish n irsa ?
adan khanewalpunjab pakistan Sun 05 Jul, 2015
plz mujhy ko acha sa name batana aj meri beti paida hoi hy mujhy ap logoun ny hi koi acha name batana jokah islami aur nea ho plz snd my email id or plz plz plz.
ghazi abbas jatoi (m garh) Thu 02 Jul, 2015
plz tell the meaning of faiza qayyum
faiza qayyum attock Tue 30 Jun, 2015
ye kaisa name hy??
firdous sargodha Mon 29 Jun, 2015
plz mje koi acha and new name bata do muslim plzzzzzzzz tell me fast
kanwal shahzadi ghakhar Mon 29 Jun, 2015
arhaan is a turkish name meaning righteous rulerleader
sania hyderabad Sun 28 Jun, 2015
please let me know now a days boys name for boy
arshad karachi Sat 27 Jun, 2015
my baby girl was born on 17 june 2015 at 4:30 pm . please suggest me a very good and a unique name from quean.
umar bashir jammu & kashmir Fri 26 Jun, 2015
my name is zeba whai is the meaning of this name ????
zeba shaikh khergam Fri 26 Jun, 2015
plz tell meaning of this name
nazima punjab Thu 25 Jun, 2015
plz tell me meaning of zimal
suman abbas pur Wed 24 Jun, 2015
areeba ka mening btaen plz tel me
areeba fsd Sat 20 Jun, 2015
in fact i like the islamic names and meaning dictionary.
yussif sayuba wa Wed 17 Jun, 2015
plz tell me zarish ka mening kiya ha
ali lahore Sun 14 Jun, 2015
please tell me meaning of (asmab) it is a girl name ??
ibrar islamabad pak Sun 14 Jun, 2015
mera name meaning
muhammad afrid kadapa Thu 11 Jun, 2015
tell me meaning of name faamin
farooq srinagar j&k Wed 10 Jun, 2015
tell me meaning of name faamin
farooq srinagar j&k Wed 10 Jun, 2015
pls tel me the meaning of seerat fatima
ali raza lahore Wed 10 Jun, 2015
nice names
aimi doll rawalpindi Tue 09 Jun, 2015
suggest islamic name for boy baby born today is 7-6- 2015& 19 saban at 3.31pm father name: atik mother name: mehzabin
dr.hg.shaikhjiwala vadodara Sun 07 Jun, 2015
pls give me one good name boy born 13-5-15
shafi shabad Sun 07 Jun, 2015
pls tell me the name meaning of anam kulsum i am from hyderabad india
anam kulsum hyderabad Sat 06 Jun, 2015
plz tel me the meaning of khansa
khansa islamabad Sat 06 Jun, 2015
please tell me the meaning of the name imraz amraz and gul nar.
najib ullah pakistan kpk Sat 06 Jun, 2015
erum ka meanings bta day
erum khroor Thu 04 Jun, 2015
(2nd june 2015) aaj meri beti ki wiladat hui hai subah 08:30 am. aap koi acha sa naam bata dein. shukriya
m. anwar khan mingora swat. Tue 02 Jun, 2015
please tell the meanings of name good arabic urdu names of baby girl anaya names meaning anaya names meaning anaya names meaning
muqaddas noor pur thal Mon 01 Jun, 2015
mujy anish k name ka matlb bta dy plz k ye nam islami hy k ni
sajid faslabad Mon 01 Jun, 2015
plz tell me the meaning of this name.
parveen proddatur-kadapa Fri 29 May, 2015
please tell the meanings of name "alja" or ''''aalja''''
alja lahore Sat 23 May, 2015
huzaifa ka kya mtlb ha jldi btao
huzaifa rawalpindi Thu 21 May, 2015
good arabic urdu names of baby girl
m.g danish mysore Mon 18 May, 2015
anaya names meaning
anaya mirpurkhas Fri 15 May, 2015
hello baby mery name ka lucky number btado plz
umer raza lahore Wed 06 May, 2015
arvish mame ka kya mtlb h plz blaiye
arvidh mame mtlab h Sun 03 May, 2015
muhammad arhaan nd muhammad sameer ki meaning bta dain jldi
arzo pakistan karachi Sat 02 May, 2015
please tell me arabic boy name feras or spell firas
riyadh karachi Sat 02 May, 2015
please suggest my gals name
imran chaus yevatmal Thu 30 Apr, 2015
plz tell me the meaning of name wania
shy naz siddiqui karachi Tue 28 Apr, 2015
sir plz tell me tha name of baby boy...born on 2015-04-28
asad chakwal Tue 28 Apr, 2015
plz tell me the meaning of pareezay nd fareesa.
rimsha lahore Sun 26 Apr, 2015
Please tell me the meaning of Name Mehral.
gulrukh islamabad Thu 23 Apr, 2015
sirboy born on 1842015pls tell us suitable name.
farooq ahmed jhelum pakistan Wed 22 Apr, 2015
abdul hadi abdul haddi what are the meaning of the above muslims boys meaning.
gulzar ashfaq lahore pakistan Wed 22 Apr, 2015
this my frist babay
arhaan bangalore Tue 21 Apr, 2015
meaning of rimshah
rimshah india Sun 19 Apr, 2015
plz tell me the name meaning of pareezay??
sadia damman Thu 16 Apr, 2015
what does the name shajad mean?
alan brighton Wed 15 Apr, 2015
gufran ka matlb kya hota hai
gufran indore Wed 15 Apr, 2015
plz tell me the meaning of zeemal...
zara rawalpindi Tue 14 Apr, 2015
Name meaning batho Mahaboob, Please be easy to names website to find latest baby boys and girls names.
mahaboob basha hyderabad Mon 13 Apr, 2015
please find meaning of my name .
soonh karachi Sat 11 Apr, 2015
Islamic name Aurangzeb is very good calling, I like this Muslim Names.
aurangzeb swat mingora Thu 09 Apr, 2015
Please tell me my name meaning 1. Alishba 2. Mubeen
alishba lahore Sun 05 Apr, 2015
Mujhe Zeemal name ki meaning bata skate hen please.
zeemal hyderabad Thu 02 Apr, 2015
kindly comments on this name.
muhammad irtaza islamabad Wed 01 Apr, 2015
My sweet baby name shanzheeb fatma is meaning.
abdullah rajan pur Wed 01 Apr, 2015
Please tell me the meanings of my name.
manahil sargodha Wed 01 Apr, 2015
I want know afnida name Islamc men
afnida chikmangaloor Mon 30 Mar, 2015
mahnoosh & zarish kaa mtlb btayn plz.
habiba abbasi islambad Sun 29 Mar, 2015
what is meaning of zairish and this name is islamic?
zairish rahim yar khan pakistan Sun 29 Mar, 2015
Rahiba name ka kya matlab ha.
walishah quetta Thu 26 Mar, 2015
Please give a list of unique names these are old.
maria gujrat Mon 23 Mar, 2015
My baby girl is born on 16-07-2014 I want to change her name can you please suggest me a good Islamic name with beautiful meaning.
farzana bellary(karnataka) Mon 23 Mar, 2015
Assalam o Alaikum, can anyone tell me the real meaning of Arhaan is it an Arabic word?
irfan nagpur Sat 21 Mar, 2015
plz tell me the meaning of shoiab
zohaib karachi Thu 19 Mar, 2015
name is enough. its mens roshany
manauwer gorakhpur Thu 12 Mar, 2015
plz meaning in urdu and mun
abdul hai oman Thu 12 Mar, 2015
good wishes for u
iman fatima okara Wed 11 Mar, 2015
My daughter born 12 Jan 2015, plz tell me her suitable name with Islamic.
akir nagpur Tue 10 Mar, 2015
Kindly tell me the meaning of Muslim Name javaria waqas.
javaria waqas meaning muzaffarabad Mon 09 Mar, 2015
I want to change my name so pls sugest me, my date of birth is 25-08-1985, Please urgent reply pls
aafaque khan mumbai Mon 09 Mar, 2015