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Boy Arabic Names Girl Arabic Names

Girl Arabic Names

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aisha life Girl Arabic
Almira princess Girl Arabic
Amber yellow-brown, precious jewel Girl Arabic
Ameerah princess Girl Arabic
Amena honest woman Girl Arabic
Anisa friendly Girl Arabic
Azalea democracy Girl Arabic
Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms Girl Arabic
Azin Accessories (Usually Jewelry) Girl Arabic
Azita Name Of An Iranian Princess Girl Arabic
Azza Young Female Gazelle Girl Arabic
Azzah Young, Female Gazelle Girl Arabic
Baasima Smiling Girl Arabic
Badia Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique Girl Arabic
Badi'a Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique Girl Arabic
Badra Full Moon Girl Arabic
Badriya Resembling Full Moon Girl Arabic
Cala castle Girl Arabic
Iman faith, belief Girl Arabic
Jazlyn variant of Jasmine Girl Arabic
Kalila beloved Girl Arabic
Leila dark as the night Girl Arabic
Lila night Girl Arabic
Samirah entertaining companion Girl Arabic
Selima peace Girl Arabic
Shakira grateful Girl Arabic
Zaria rose Girl Arabic

Girl Arabic Names Comments

Comments on Girl Arabic Names

I went in the c category of names I did not find any names which starts from alphabet c. please add some Muslims names which starts from alphabet c, I only found there non Muslims names which starts from alphabet c.
chodry kausor dharanwala - on Cala Wed 11 Mar, 2015
What is the correct pronunciation of Arabic Islamic name Baasima i just know this Muslim name bisma pronunciation in our language Urdu.
jibran lahore - on Baasima Wed 24 Dec, 2014
The name bisma is very rare nd unique Islami name.
bisma nns - on Baasima Wed 17 Dec, 2014
Hi, Zaria is good Baby girl name I like this small name.
zaria munai chamo - on Zaria Sat 29 Nov, 2014
Samirah is a good name, it is an arabic name. The meaning of this name is entertaining companion but i am serarching the meaning of my name, my name is "Saira", i never find in this site.
saira karachi - on Samirah Sat 10 May, 2014
Almira is a good name, i first know that this is a name of girl because i listen this name in the branded women dress of Junaid jamshed. Meaning of this name is "Princess".
ghazal karachi - on Almira Fri 25 Apr, 2014
Kalila is typical name but unique. It is an arabic name, meaning is "Beloved". It is just similar to Fazila that is why i recommend this name those people whose one daughter name is Fazila.
nageen karachi - on Kalila Wed 23 Apr, 2014
Leila name spelling is now showing wrong, Laila name is correct spelling
Iman Karachi - on Leila Sat 12 Apr, 2014
Iman is beautyfull name of calling I love my name
Iman Rawalpindi - on Iman Fri 11 Apr, 2014
please share new individual list of Girl New Isalamic, Arbic and muslims Pakistani names
Salma Jamal Rawalpindi - on Shakira Mon 07 Apr, 2014
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